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Military: The Emerald Isle

Written by RSS Poster Tony McNally

Over the emerald sea we went
To make it a better place
Patrolling the streets
We could feel the hate
Anger in every face

The petrol bombs, burning cars
Shouts of “Contact wait out,”
Drop down to ground
Firing position
This is a War, no doubt

Get up move quick hard target
Smoke is stinging my eyes
Then the mob is gone
An eerie silence
Our helicopter hovering in the sky

A huge explosion
The day goes black
Ears ringing I can hardly breathe
Sirens wail women scream
My brain finds it hard to conceive

Still alive, grab hold of my weapon
Look around to look for my mates
Civilian bodies scattered on the ground
Like children’s dolls
Was this always to be their fate?

Brain re-engages
Still scanning the rooftops
Brick commander screams, “ Follow me.”
Hard target back to the Saracen 
Please save me Lord is my silent plea

I was saved that day now its thirty years on
Only veterans those events I do talk
Was eighteen when I crossed the Emerald Isle
To my brothers I would say
It was only with you that I could walk that walk.

© Tony McNally

Military: MILBABES

Written by RSS Poster Tony McNally

Police: No crying wolf here....

Written by RSS Poster A Just Future: Fair for All
I know, it has been more or less radio silence on these pages for a few months. I have been pursuing other ventures involving local politics and such like. The issue of policing & justice, of course, while not much mentioned during the general election, is never far from anyone's minds... With a 'continuity' Home Secretary at the helm, we can expect more of the same, it would appear.

Although, her reception at the Police Federation conference was a little less frosty than last year: a little chilly or even chilling perhaps but no longer Siberian (even if that is where Theresa May might like to send some police officer representatives..!)

There was very little in the Conservative Manifesto to really understand the drift of government policy in the realm of policing, community safety and criminal justice. I guess we are going to have to wait for a green paper or two.

The Home Secretary's speech to the Fed conference can be found in full here. She said (among other matters):
That’s why today I am announcing two things...

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Police: Thames Valley Police statement over death of Jed Allen

Written by RSS Poster Crime and Justice - UK Crime News

Thames Valley Police has found a body in connection with the murders in Didcot.

The body of a man was found in Marston Road, Oxford, just before 5pm today (25/5).

Although the man has not been formally identified the Force is satisfied it is Jed Allen, aged 21.

The victims’ families have been informed.

The body was discovered in an area of woodland by two members of the public.

This area had not previously been searched by police.

There is a cordon in place at the scene.

Thames Valley Police continues its investigation into the murders of Janet Jordon, known as Jan, Philip Howard, known as Phil, and Derrin Jordon in Vicarage Road, Didcot, on Saturday (23/5).

However, we are not looking for anyone else in connection with their murders.

An inquest will be carried out by the coroner in due course.

Investigating officer, Det Supt Chris Ward, head of...

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Written by RSS Poster Tony McNally

Today 33 years ago HMS COVENTRY (D118) was sunk off the Falkland Islands after being attacked by 2 Argentinian Skyhawks, she was hit by 2 bombs and lost to the Atlantic in just 20 mins with the loss of 19 souls RIP


Written by RSS Poster The Justice of the Peace
A relaxed stay at home Bank Holiday weekend is not usually a time for profound or even not so profound thoughts but then end of season all to play for football matches are not the time for the glaring deficiencies in the game to be so rudely demonstrated. There were no debates over did it cross the line or did it not; this season cameras have seen to that. But there were debateable decisions on fouls which would and could have been beyond doubt if only the referee had had the cojones to stop play for a minute and consult a TV set on the touchline. One might say that FIFA rules do not allow for such confirmation but one day if a referee were to take such an action prior to making a decision nobody but nobody would fault him. 

And so it was that I considered the doubt that exists in juries and magistrates` benches. I can recollect sitting on the wing at a DV trial with the Bench Chairman of a joining amalgamating bench in the chair. We were split as to the defendant`s guilt. The chairman...

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Police: Policy Exchange – The Sequel (Other Think Tanks Are Available)

Written by RSS Poster RetiredAndAngry

There I was, Saturday night, trying to find something to take my mind off the travesty that is Eurovision, when I came upon this tweet from Clive Chamberlain

I’ve achieved something on Twitter! Blocked by Policy Exchange for continuing to ask who funds them 👍🏼

— Clive Chamberlain (@MrCliveC) May 23, 2015

BLOCKED? By Policy Exchange for asking a perfectly valid question? That’s just not cricket. It reminded me that I had previously written a post about Policy Exchange which I knew included where SOME of its funds come from, so I sent him the link. That inspired a series of tweets with various people joining in, and some quite useful information coming out of them. It also made me realise that it was in 2012 that I last had a prod at them. Time for an update methinks. It also got me very wound up about the ethics of Policy Exchange, and those who associate with them, but going back to who funds them; I took another, up to date, look at...

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Police: Winners Of National Police Dog Trials Announced

Written by RSS Poster Crime and Justice - UK Crime News

PC Bob Foot with Alfie - Metropolitan Police PC Graeme Lightfoot with Chester - Surrey Police PC Mike Petrie with Lotte - Police Scotland PC Peter Brown with Odin - Police Scotland PC Stephen Randall with Nevis - Police Scotland Chester of Surrey Police was crowned top dog alongside Police Constable Graham Lightfoot at the 2015 National Police Dog Trials held at Kings Park, Stirling over the holiday weekend.

In second place was Police Constable Stephen Randall of Police Scotland with Police Dog Nevis.

In third place was Police Constable Bob Foot of Metropolitan Police with Police Dog Alfie.

Competitors from 13 Police Forces across the UK and the Police Service of Northern Ireland took part in the 55th National Police Dog Trials in three days of tests at Kings Park in Stirling from May 22-24.

This was the first time Police Scotland has hosted the event since its creation in 2013.

The various phases of the trials created an opportunity to compete and share best practice in order to maintain the highest levels of service delivery.

The dogs were tested and judged in three skill sections: Trailing...

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Written by RSS Poster Tony McNally


Written by RSS Poster Tony McNally

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