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Police: George Phillips charged with the murder of Joel Adesina

Written by RSS Poster Crime and Justice - UK Crime News

Detectives investigating the fatal stabbing of Joel Adesina at Bethnal Green Road, E2 on Friday, 5 December have charged a man with murder.

Unemployed, George Phillips [E], aged 20 (15/11/94) of Pitfield Street, N1 was charged on Wednesday, 17 December with the murder of Joel Adesina at Bethnal Green Road on 5 December.

He will appear in custody at Thames Magistrates Court on Thursday, 18 December.

Police: Dear Diary – Day Two In Narnia

Written by RSS Poster RetiredAndAngry

I suspect that I had something in common with many of yesterday. I was incandescent with rage, not an unusual condition for me, but it seems it’s infectious.

The thing that sparked it off yesterday was the anticipated news that Police Budgets across England and Wales were being slashed by a further 5% or £299 million. It has previously been predicted that any cuts of this magnitude will result in the loss of 34,000 more jobs, including Police Officers and Support Staff..

One Chief Constable has already declared that his Force cannot sustain further cuts, the PCC of Surrey has declared the cupboard to be bare and even the mighty Bernie Hogan-Who has said that further cuts will pose a risk to the public.

We are, it seems, living in a paradox. On one hand we have Cruella saying that more cuts are necessary, you must now set about doing more with less all over again, more jobs must go to pay for it, all is Doom and Gloom. Austerity is the reason for all these unpopular decisions.

Then we have Gidiot telling us...

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Written by RSS Poster Tony McNally

Military: MILBABE

Written by RSS Poster Tony McNally

Fire: Two taken to hospital after candle fire in Hyde

Written by RSS Poster News


TWO people have been taken to hospital after a candle caused a fire at a flat in Hyde.

A man and woman were taken to hospital suffering from some inhalation – the man also had burns to his hands. A further man suffered smoke inhalation but declined hospital treatment.

Firefighters are using the incident as a warning to others about the dangers of candles and the importance of smoke alarms.

Chair of the Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Authority, Councillor David Acton, said: “Whether using candles for light or decoration, it’s really important that you ensure the flame is fully out before you go to bed or leave the house.

“Luckily nobody was too seriously injured but two people have been taken to hospital just days before Christmas – and the consequences could have been far worse.

“Make sure candles are standing up straight and are firmly fixed in proper holders so they can't fall over and always place candles on a heat-resistant...

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Police: Birmingham men convicted of kidnap and burglary offences after feud

Written by RSS Poster Crime and Justice - UK Crime News

Members of a Birmingham family have today been found guilty of a series of attacks on another family as part of a feud.

Father and son Darren Hunt, aged 41, and Darren Junior Hunt, aged 21, took the law into their own hands after their Smith’s Wood house was set on fire in the early hours of 4 February. Together with co- defendant Dean Poyner, aged 46, of Stonebridge Road, Coleshill, they went on a rampage around Solihull and Shard End trying to find the people they believed responsible for the blaze.

Events started during the early evening of 3 February, when a group of offenders lobbed bricks through the windows of a house in Pitfield Road, Tile Cross at 5.45pm and damaged a car parked on the driveway.

Apparently in retaliation, during the early hours of the following morning (4 February) at 3.30am, a black Audi A3 was set on fire on a driveway in Nightingale Avenue, Smith’s Wood. As well as damaging the car, the fire also damaged bins and the outside of the...

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Police: Police warn of prolific thieves who steal from cafes and restaurants

Written by RSS Poster Crime and Justice - UK Crime News

Police are warning shoppers about a prolific pair of thieves who are stealing from people sitting at cafes and restaurants.

Since 20 November 2014, the team of two distraction thieves have struck 16 times across the City Centre. On every occasion the offenders have approached someone sitting at a table and have asked them directions. They have then distracted them with a map or a leaflet which they have placed over the victim’s phone. They have then swept up the phone along with the map and left with it.

They have struck at more than a dozen locations, including cafes and restaurants at Deansgate Locks, Oxford Road, Albert Square, the Corn Exchange and the Northern Quarter. The victims have been aged between 10 and 74.

Police have now released an image of one of the offenders.

Detective Inspector Chris Flint, based in the City centre, said: “This is a cynical tactic sometimes used by thieves to steal people’s phones.

“This pair have targeted people...

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Written by RSS Poster Tony McNally

Police: Will the last police officer turn out the blue light when they leave the station?

Written by RSS Poster A Just Future: Fair for All
We are now less than six months away from the general election. Given that parliament has just put out its Christmas stocking, and most of April will be consumed by campaigning, this leaves about 12 weeks for the Government to achieve anything. And of course, achieve things they must (appear to) so to provide the electoral boost that comes with being the incumbent party... on the case, doing lots of stuff but with major things yet to do!!! (yada yada).

How much exactly will be achieved by a coalition that is beginning to feel like two magnets held together at the north pole is anyone's guess. But this hasn't stopped the Home Office from making a few announcements.

Today for example we have heard in a written statement to parliament that the police services on the ground can expect some more draconian cuts. Here is a link to the statement in full. (I may not have been keeping up quite so much these days, but who is Mike Penning?) Anyway, here are the headline...

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Police: Man found guilty of preparing for acts of terrorism

Written by RSS Poster Crime and Justice - UK Crime News

David Souaan, 20 (16.06.94) a Serbian student residing in Camden was today, Wednesday, 17 December, found guilty of preparing for acts of terrorism (Section 5 of the Terrorism Act 2006).

A still taken from video footage off Souaan's phone with his face covered David Souaan

The court heard that Souaan was arrested on Saturday, 31 May at Heathrow Airport when he was with his mother and checking in to a flight going to Serbia.

The investigation established that Souann claimed to have been involved in fighting in Syria when he visited the region the previous December during his Christmas break from university, that he supported a number of terrorist organisations and that he wanted to return to Syria.

Following his arrest officers were able to examine Souaan’s phone and computer and found pictures of him, when he was believed to be in Syria, holding a gun.

Commander Richard Walton, MPS Counter Terrorism Command (SO15), said: “Souaan had an active interest in Syria and was set on fighting there. I’d like to thank those around him that reported his change in behaviour and extremist views. By coming forward, we were able to prevent him travelling and engaging in terrorist activities.”

Sentencing has been set for 3 February 2015.

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