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Military: SHEEP SHIT

Written by RSS Poster Tony McNally

 I have just wrote this poem titled `Sheep shit` showing how life and death on the battlefield can be measured in centimeters.

It was a matter of millimeters
When I hit the ground 
I got a mouthful of sheep shit
As I heard that `crack` sound
It had your name on it
It should have been mine
But I will never forget you
My Geordie mate from the Tyne
You were only eighteen
Forever will you remain
Every year I will come and visit
Have a drink just the same
Il will meet you soon in Valhalla
You will see this old man
Take the piss have a laugh
Like when you beet me up Pen y fan
Here have the last of my brandy
As it soaks in your grave
Il wipe away a tear
Green light on…….bye Dave.

© Tony McNally

Military: MILBABES

Written by RSS Poster Tony McNally



On April 20, 1941, a German bomb landed on Auxiliary Fire Service Sub Station 24U, which was housed in Old Palace LCC School, St. Leonards Street, Poplar. Thirty-two firemen and two fire women perished in the largest loss of fire service personnel in U.K. History. Twenty-one of the dead were from AFS Beckenham, Kent. They had been sent to London to provide relief.

The following roll of honor is from

AFS Firewoman (Telephonist) Hilda Dupree – AFS London
Died 20th April 1941 aged 21. Of 33 Warwick Road, Walthamstow, Essex.

Firewoman Winifred Alexandra Peters – London Fire Brigade
Died 20th April 1941 aged 39. Of 122 Canton Street

AFS Fireman Percy Charles Aitchison – AFS Beckenham
Died 20th April 1941 aged 27. Of 20 Copse Avenue, West Wickham, Kent.

AFS Fireman Ronald Mark Bailey – AFS Beckenham
Died 20th April 1941 aged 25. of 81 Links Road, Tooting.

AFS Fireman Alan Charles Barber – AFS Beckenham
Died 20th April 1941 aged 26. Of 6 Fairford Close, Shirley, Croydon, Surrey.

AFS Fireman Earnest Reginald Beadle – AFS...

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Police: So Far, So So-So

Written by RSS Poster The Magistrates' Blog
ITV has come up with a Judge Judy clone, called Judge Rinder,(played, in reality by a respected barrister). The TV set is a shabby clone of an American court room, complete with flags behind the bench, and those swing gates that I remember from old US movies.

Unforgivalby, there is also a bloody gavel on the pretend bench.   (for those new to the blog, no British court ever uses a gavel).

I looked the programme up, after a couple of ladies in my local pub enthused about the sexiness of the faux judge, and added the caveat that they thought he was camp, and drew the usual conclusion.

I will give it a run, but  I fear that it is unlikely, on the present showing, to improve the public's understanding of courts

This is his day job


Written by RSS Poster The Thin Blue Line

Reporter who outed police blogger cautioned

Newspaper claimed it had unmasked 'NightJack' via legal means - but his identity was later found to have been revealed via hacking.

A former Times journalist who admitted illegally hacking into the email account of pseudonymous police blogger NightJack has been given a police caution.

Patrick Foster hacked into the Yahoo account of the highly acclaimed blogger in 2009 to establish that he was Lancashire detective Richard Horton.

Detective Constable Horton went to the High Court to try and prevent the paper from outing him. At the time lawyers for The Times claimed the officer's identify had been uncovered via legal means, and the newspaper subsequently unmasked the detective - leading his force to take disciplinary action against him.

In 2012 Foster was arrested at his home.

Police caution

In a statement released via Twitter, he said: "The past...

This police blog continues,

Police: Fishy Matters

Written by RSS Poster The Magistrates' Blog
This piece describes a classic nonsense prosecution.

Only last week I ate a delicious plate of sardines, suitably dressed in garlic. Those sardines were hauled from their habitat, allowed to asphyxiate in the fishing boat, then sent to a fish merchant who filleted them and sold them to a restaurant, where I enjoyed eating them.

What, pray, is the difference, between my eating those sardines, and this sad drunken boy drinking live fish? I hope never to find out whether it is worse to be gulped into someone's digestive juices, or to gasp out my life on the deck of a fishing boat.

No more cash to the RSPCA from me, then (their costs applications are always way above CPS scales)

Fire: Safety first for summer cooking

Written by RSS Poster Tyne and Wear Fire and Rescue
With the summer holidays in full swing, many children across Tyne and Wear may be spending more time in the kitchen. But whether they're lending a hand or simply getting a snack, it's important to make sure that everyone knows about hazards in the kitchen. In 2012/13, 61% (360) of all accidental house fires in Tyne and Wear started in the kitchen. There are many causes of kitchen fires, including inappropriate use of 'chip pans', cleanliness of appliances, to simple distractions like phone calls, television or from members of their family. Group Manager Dave Jefferson, Tyne and Wear Fire and Rescue Service said: "Most house fires occur in the kitchen and cooking is one of the biggest causes of kitchen fires. Leaving cooking unattended for just a short time can lead to disastrous results such as oil overheating and catching fire. Electric stoves stay hot for a while after they are turned off so pans should be removed from the heat when they are not being used. Dave continued: “It is extremely...

This fire blog continues,

Police: Birmingham man jailed for importing weapons from the Far East

Written by RSS Poster Crime and Justice - UK Crime News

A Birmingham man is facing more than five years behind bars after importing illegal weapons that he purchased online from the Far East.

Iqbal Hussain was found to have a selection of weapons including stun guns disguised as mobile phones and CS spray at his Aston address after officers executed a warrant.

Hussain was identified as a threat after National Crime Agency officers intercepted a package at an international mail hub in Coventry on 21 October that was destined for his Whitehead Road home.

Despite a cover note claiming it contained 20 mini LED torches, inside the box were 15 CS sprays and 10 electronic stun gun devices.

West Midlands Police were contacted and immediately after the package was delivered officers swooped, seized the items and arrested the 29-year-old.

Just over a week later a second parcel, sent from Singapore, was intercepted by the UK Borders Agency in Langley, Heathrow. Again it was addressed to Hussain and contained five more CS sprays.

All of...

This police blog continues,

Police: Appeal for witnesses after man had ear bitten during assault in Leeds bar

Written by RSS Poster Crime and Justice - UK Crime News

Officers from British Transport Police (BTP) are appealing for anyone who witnessed an assault that took place in the Stone Roses Bar on Briggate in Leeds, to come forward with information.

A 27-year-old Leeds man suffered serious facial injuries and damage to his ear, which was bitten during the assault, which took place in the early hours of Sunday, 3 August.

Detectives would like to speak to anyone who may have been inside the bar just after 4am and witnessed the incident.

Police Constable Jason Ridgeway, leading the investigation, said: “The victim was on the dance floor when he was approached by three men who then attacked and punched him on a number of occasions. One of the men sat on top of the victim and bit his ear.

“Security staff at the bar intervened in the assault and ejected the three men. The victim was taken to hospital to be treated for his injuries.

“We are currently following a number of lines of enquiry to trace those responsible,...

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Police: War medals stolen in Northumberland

Written by RSS Poster Crime and Justice - UK Crime News

Police are appealing for information after war medals were stolen in a burglary in Northumberland.

It happened between 11am on Friday, August 8, and 3pm on Friday, August 15, when a house at Hallstile Bank in Hexham was broken into.

Property including World War Two medals belonging to the victim’s late father – who served with the Royal Army Service Corp and was a Normandy veteran – were stolen.

They include a 1939-45 Star, an Africa Star, an Italy Star, a France and Germany Star, a Defence Medal, a World War Two Medal and a General Service Medal – 1918 onwards.

Also stolen was a platinum wedding ring and an engagement ring.

DC John Daniels, Northumberland CID, is investigating. He said: “These stolen war medals are of sentimental value to the victim as they belonged to his late father.

“At a time when we are remembering war heroes during the centenary of the First World War it’s beyond belief that someone would steal something so precious.

“I’d appeal for anyone who knows of their whereabouts or...

This police blog continues,

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