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Police: Treatment and Care

Written by RSS Poster Mental Health Cop

Six years ago, Nicola Edgington attacked Kerry Clark and Sally Hodkin in south London, seriously injuring Kerry, a 22yr old woman and killing Sally, a 58yr old mother and grandmother. She was prosecuted for murder and attempted murder, convicted in March 2013 and sentenced to life in prison with a minimum recommendation she serves 37yrs. She appealed against this outcome, but it failed. Four hours before the attacks, the Metropolitan Police had contact with Nicola, having been called to a taxi rank in Greenwich and they assisted her to the Emergency Department at Woolwich Hospital where she was seen by a mental health nurse and admitted on a voluntary basis to a nearby mental health unit. She absconded from the unit thirty minutes or so later, and attacked the two victims shortly afterwards as they made their way to work. If you prefer not to read a pile of material, there is a simple, but useful audio / visual summary of this on the BBC news website.

This week, a report has been published by NHS England in to the care and...

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Written by RSS Poster The Justice of the Peace

Perverting the course of justice by persuading somebody other than the driver to take penalty points is now an offence well known to the British public including, it is estimated, over a quarter of million who have done exactly that. The fall out from the Huhne and Pryce case with Constance Briscoe QC found guilty of intending to pervert the course of justice spotlights a ramification of reliance upon visual imagery to secure convictions as opposed to the old fashioned method of police patrol cars stopping suspected errant drivers. 

When I was appointed nobody had heard of image analysts outside of John le Carre novels or opinions of planetary...

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Police: Updating the Blog

Written by RSS Poster Mental Health Cop

I’m after your views on something!  The blog is now approaching 675 posts, as well as various other pages and resources and when the Policing and Crime Act 2017 eventually takes effect, it will render many posts instantly out of date. On previous occasions when I’ve attempted to go through the blog updating every single post on something or changing appearance to make it fit a new ‘theme’ that I’ve used on WordPress, it has taken me a week of effort – and that was when the BLOG was nowhere near as large as it now is.

The BLOG always was intended to help police officers navigate their way through incidents and I’m still getting feedback that it continues to be valued for this. I therefore feel I have to make it clear that pre-PaCA stuff is now potentially out of date so that no-one attempting to use the posts as information falls foul of the update. I’ve been thinking of a few options and I thought it was probably better to ask those of you who are good enough to read, use and circulate this how you’d prefer me...

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Police: Stepping up to protect the public

Written by RSS Poster CC Dave Thompson

_DSC6451The events in Manchester I talked about in the last blog have sadly been proven not to be unprecedented. The London Bridge attack and the terror attack on those coming from prayers at Finsbury Mosque in London have shocked the nation and saw the force act through Operation Decisive.  Everyone in West Midlands Police wants to prevent an attack in our region.

Once again you have all stepped up to offer the protection the public have needed and been embraced by the public. You have also kept normal business going. This is a huge strain and do not think that I am not aware of the impact on you and your families. This is also a sustained and determined threat that is not going away anytime soon. We are and must remain in a heightened state of readiness.

A different issue emerged from London Bridge; policing became at last a serious political issue. It arose from incredible bravery from BTP and Met officers who stood between attackers and the public. Their actions have been humbling and like me I am sure you count...

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Police: Dear Scotland

Written by RSS Poster Mental Health Cop

Dear Scotland,


Your Mental Welfare Commission has recently published a snapshot report about Police Scotland’s use of ‘place of safety orders’ under the Mental Health (Treatment and Care) Act (Scotland) 2003 – the MHA(S), if you prefer.  Section 297 MHA(S) is the equivalent power to section 136 of the Mental Health Act 1983, the MHA(EW), if we’re being consistent. The report is just a three-month snap shot but it raises several questions which the Commission themselves are openly asking.  It is precisely because they have made a direct comparison and reference to the use of Place of Safety orders under English and Welsh law that I thought a short blog may be helpful, flagging some learning we’ve gone through in England, but also contrasting certain parts of England to help think through how culture and evolved practice affect the police’s use of powers.

It’s worth reading the report – it’s only 13 pages long and that includes the cover and a blank page as well as plenty of tables and white...

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Written by RSS Poster The Justice of the Peace

Sooner or later every Justice Secretary promises that those possessing knives or similar in a public place will face the full wrath of the law. It seems that however much the incumbent huffs and puffs those who undertake the sentencing of such offenders take a different view.  Let`s wait and see but IMHO time will really tell.

Police: Crisis? Wot Crisis?

Written by RSS Poster RetiredAndAngry

I am no Economist. Domestic or International, I am not your man.

However, I do like to think that  I can recognise a crisis when I  see one.

The Police Service is most definitely an organisation in crisis.  Leaves have been cancelled, and by that I mean that PC Jones has been  told that he/she cannot go on holiday with his/her family this summer.  I have heard from several sources that Cressida Dick has informed her officers in London exactly  that.  Unprecedented.

This in addition to normal Leave Days in mid-week and weekends have been cancelled.  On top of this officers are regularly working 12-16 hour shifts. Not the greatest of ideas if those officers happen to be driving  high performance cars at speed  through our streets.  The current policy of single  crewing means they don’t have the option to share the driving duties with their partner cos they don’t have a partner any more.

Do we really need physically and emotionally exhausted firearms officers on extended tours of duty.The?

I fully accept that Theresa...

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Written by RSS Poster The Justice of the Peace
I have long shared my opinion on these pages that in the long term (over two parliaments) a Conservative government and probably a Labour one also would be happy to remove independent Justices of the Peace from the courtroom so that paid civil service employees ie District Judges would preside over magistrates` courts perhaps with J.P.s as wingers and perhaps not.  With magistrate numbers down to about 13,000.......from a peak of more than twice that number just over a decade ago and increasing numbers of lawyers being appointed District Judge the process is well underway. J.P.s with the encouragement of their Association and officialdom seem to have approved of their sitting alone in an office accompanied by a legal advisor to preside over simple summary non imprisonable cases. The official version was published recently and is copied below. 


Inside HMCTS

Police: Five tips to staying safe at summer festivals

Written by RSS Poster Crimestoppers

Hands in the air at a festival

Crimestoppers volunteer Charlotte Wilson loves her festivals, and put together this guide to staying safe for us.

We’re all looking forward to summer, with brighter mornings, longer evenings and hopefully some sun! The keen festival goers among us, including myself, will be planning our summer weekends away to see our favourite bands and acts. But it is also important to make sure we take precautions to prevent ourselves from becoming victims of crime at these festivals.

Here are five tips to help you stay safe this summer:

1. Leave valuables at home

Instead of taking an expensive camera, take a cheap disposable one, as it will be less attractive to a thief and won’t be too much of a loss if you lose it.

Consider taking an old phone or a cheap Pay-As-You-Go as for similar reasons – it will be less likely to get stolen and won’t cost much if you lose it. It’s also sensible to use secure lockers if they’re available, to keep safe any valuables you do have to take. If lockers aren’t available,...

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Police: You Need To Look The Other Way

Written by RSS Poster RetiredAndAngry

Tragically there have been way too many major incidents in the UK over the past few weeks. Without exception the Emergency Services have been magnificent, all of them. People who know me, or read my posts, know where my allegiances lie, but  I’m not going to differentiate today, they have all performed brilliantly and all have suffered broadly similar cuts.

I have heard comments to the effect of “I thought we were supposed to be short of Policemen/Firemen/Ambulance crews, there’s loads of them “.

Please be assured that ALL of our Emergency Services will ALWAYS pitch up and do their very best whatever they are faced with. It’s what they do, it’s in their DNA, they are hardwired to run the ‘wrong’ way.

When they run out, ‘Mutual Aid’ kicks in and more Police Officers , Firefighters and appliances or Ambulance crews and paramedics will be drawn in from other parts of the countty. This happened at Kensington when a specialist appliance was ‘borrowed ‘ from Surrey together with some of their...

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