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Fire: Ribbon-cutting will mark opening of state-of-the-art safety centre

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AN IMMERSIVE safety centre and cutting-edge emergency service training facility will be officially opened  tomorrow (Friday, March 24).

A ribbon-cutting ceremony will mark the official opening of the Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service (GMFRS) Training and Safety Centre in Bury.

The centre offers visitors a unique immersive experience, featuring various accidents and emergencies that have been built around a real-size terraced street in the facility.

Visitors can explore a car crash scene where expert guides offer road safety advice as well as a hazard-filled terraced house that has been destroyed by fire.

Chairman of Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service, Cllr David Acton, said: “The building and development of this centre has been a long journey. Firstly, I need to thank everybody that’s been involved in making this happen as clearly the hard work of everyone involved has paid off.

“The safety centre will be a unique facility that will be used by school children and families from across...

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Fire: Buckets full of cash for The Fire Fighters Charity

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VOLUNTEERS and firefighters across Greater Manchester have been holding their annual charity car washes to raise money for the Firefighters Charity.

Firefighters from White Watch, Rochdale were joined by a group of cadets from Mossley along with Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service (GMFRS) volunteers and even the boroughs chaplain, David Sivill, got stuck in as more than £800 was raised for The Fire Fighters Charity.

As is the tradition, a number of local organisations came together on the day to support the car wash by donating various products along with cash contributions. The fire station received a variety of car cleaning products such as wash and wax as well as sponges and cloths.

The community spirit was felt across the town, with a local bakery also getting in on the action as they turned up in their delivery van and provided the firefighters and volunteers with refreshments and even threw £10 in the bucket for a van wash.

Gary Weight, White Watch Manager at Rochdale said: “We are extremely grateful to...

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Fire: GMFRS spread community spirit all over the world

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BIG THANKS were given by the Asian Development Association Bury (ADAB) following safety and public engagement training with the fire service.

The visit, which included a presentation of the range of services provided by Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service (GMFRS), was enjoyed by ADAB and Citizen-British Council workers last week (March 7).

Guests were also able to observe a practical road traffic collision demonstration and try their hand at a car simulator experience.

Taz Zaffar from ADAB said: “Our visitors have thoroughly enjoyed the experience and have shared the passion and enthusiasm from Bury with the whole group in London.”

The group was made up of a range of nationalities from around the world and they will now feedback their learning and experiences upon return to their home countries.

Taz said: “The feedback we received has been brilliant and just amazing. Our visitors have said they will take back the information from the day and implement this in their projects.

“The visit to Bury has taught them...

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Fire: Lancashire Colleagues Get a Sniff of New GMFRS Training Site

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MANCHESTER search and rescue dogs Ace and Eric had a guest at the new Bury training site this week (w/c 6/3) when they welcomed Sid, the search and rescue dog from Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service.

The handlers and their dogs were put through their paces with some training exercises which included searching for potential casualties in the surrounding buildings.

Mike Dewar, Dog Unit Manager at Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service said: “It was great to welcome Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service to Bury, we always enjoy the opportunity to work with our neighbours.

“The facilities at our Bury training site are some of the best that you can get and offer the dogs a very realistic space to train in. Meeting our colleagues from Lancashire gave us a fantastic chance to share knowledge and experience with each other.

“We’re always happy to welcome other services to the centre and work with them to develop our skills.”

Dean Nankivell, Group Manager said: “These exercises are really important and a useful...

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Fire: Greater Manchester features in Resuscitation to Recovery

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SINCE September 2015 Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service (GMFRS) has been responding to cardiac arrest incidents to complement the expert service provided by North West Ambulance Service (NWAS) colleagues.

Between September 2015 and August 2016 GMFRS attended almost 3,000 cardiac arrests alongside NWAS. This approach enables firefighters to begin basic life support on those occasions where they arrive at a cardiac arrest before paramedics. Where paramedics are already in attendance firefighters can support providing basic life support to allow paramedics to focus on more specialist interventions to try to help victims to survive.

GMFRS is the only fire and rescue service in the country where all frontline fire engines respond to cardiac arrests alongside the ambulance service. This would not have been possible without the positive relationship between the two emergency services and representative bodies.

This operational success features in ‘Resuscitation to Recovery: A National Framework to improve care of...

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Fire: Splash your cash in March for The Fire Fighters Charity

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THIS Saturday (March 4), crews from Rochdale, Blackley, Hyde, Stalybridge, Cheadle and Wythenshawe dust off their sponges to begin this year’s first charity car wash month.

Over the next few weeks, fire stations from across Greater Manchester will host their own car washes to raise money for The Fire Fighters Charity.

Alan Knell from The Fire Fighters Charity said: “The National Car Wash League provides a vital source of income for the Charity, as well as being a fun and popular event.

“It costs £8.5million a year to keep The Fire Fighters Charity running – and with no regular government funding, we rely completely on your donations and goodwill.

“You can show your support to our firefighting heroes by visiting your local fire station on weekends throughout March – and afterwards drive away safely, in a clean car!”

With car washes running every weekend in March at 28 of our fire stations, GMFRS invites you to help us fill our buckets whilst you enjoy a squeaky clean car.

All car washes are running between the hours of 10am and 4pm but check the events page on our website to see further details about your local car wash.

Fire: Dedicated fire staff recognised for long service

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Dedicated staff and their families celebrated 780 years’ service at Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service’s (GMFRS) Long Service Award Ceremony.


Some 39 people, including both firefighters and support staff, were each presented with their 20 Years Long Service Award Medal.

Lord Lieutenant Mr Smith JP presented each of the operational recipients with medals at the event in the Imperial War Museum North, Salford, on Wednesday (March 1, 2017) evening. He said: “It is an exceptional privilege to be invited here to do this presentation.

“I do not need to tell you that the Service provides a high degree of risk not only for yourselves but for your colleagues. I want you to know that the majority of people I speak to do respect this and the work you do.

“May I, as Her Majesty’s representative here in Greater Manchester, on her behalf, congratulate and thank each and every one of you for the great service you do for the British public.”

The recipients of the long service awards range from firefighters and...

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Fire: THINK! Put your phone away

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NEW, tougher penalties are coming into force to clamp down on people using mobile phones while driving.

Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service is taking part in a national campaign to raise awareness of the dangers involved in using a mobile phone while driving.

Crews across the county attended almost 1,200 RTCs during 2016 and rescued more people from these incidents than from fires.

The campaign advises motorists to switch their phones off or put them on silent and out of temptations way while driving.

New legislation is coming into effect on March 1, 2017, with motorists who are caught using a mobile phone while driving to receive six points on their license and a £200 fine, which is double the current punishment.

Paul Etches, Head of Prevention, said: "The reason the fire service is involved in road safety education is because we now rescue more people from road traffic collisions than we do from fires.

"It is sad when we turn up to a road crash and see a mobile phone on the passenger seat and it happens far too often, which is why we...

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Fire: It's been a Cracker

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FIRE DOG Lucy, codename Cracker, is hanging up her protective boots for the last time this week.

After a decade serving communities across Greater Manchester, Lucy is heading into a well-deserved retirement.

Throughout her time with Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service (GMFRS) she played a part in many investigations and assisted with several successful imprisonments.

Cracker, Mike Dewar and Cracker!

Lucy was indispensable one summer’s day in 2009 when she found a key piece of evidence in an investigation into a suspected arsonist.

She had been let loose on a large search area and after an hour searching, negotiated a river and indicated there was something hidden in a row of trees and thick brambles.

Mike Dewar, GMFRS Dog Unit Manager, said: “Lucy started to pull vigorously so I decided to let her off the lead to investigate.

“She ran full speed towards some brambles that would have been inaccessible for a person and became entangled.

“As I rushed to try and free her I noticed something black in the brambles. It was a backpack that contained a tin petrol...

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Fire: Greater Manchester bruised after encounter with Doris

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Greater Manchester bruised after encounter with Doris

Storm Doris has been making its way across Greater Manchester, leaving a path of destruction in its wake.

Since around 8am this morning (Thursday, February 23) Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service has received around 150 calls and attended around 60 incidents. The majority of the calls we received were about trees falling across roads and footpaths, however some have been more dramatic.

Some of the most notable incidents that we have received calls about have included:

(12:47) The cladding on City Plaza in Piccadilly Place came lose. Firefighters used rope equipment to assess the situation and cordoned off the area.

(12:33) A large piece of cladding was hanging off the 5th floor of the Manchester Incubator Building. Crews attended the incident and ensured the area was structurally sound.

(13:34) A masonry tile fell from the 6th floor of an office building in Spring Gardens in Manchester.

The storm seems to be dying down after what has been a long day for the...

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