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Police: Just when you think things are getting better...

Written by RSS Poster Disgruntled
Yep, it appears that there is need for this blog again. The frustrations have been building up and I need somewhere to vent.

It would appear even in the world of firearms that we are also vulnerable to this mindless coalition government and that the cuts are deep enough to change, what I thought, was a very secure, small and essential unit. Even now I've seen jobs removed from teams, people shoved out of the unit and morale hitting absolute rock bottom in what I thought would be a highly motivated unit.

As for me personally I can't any advantage for staying a copper for a career. Since when has our 'boss' the home secretary (I despise the term 'Right Honourable') been so determined to destroy the very people protecting her and the local communities?

In some ways I feel incredibly apathetic towards the whole issue - it would appear Theresa May does what she wants with scant regard to anything the Polfed say. I fully support the march on the 10th of May and I desperately hope it does some good, if not stop the change but perhaps...

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Police: I may be some time...

Written by RSS Poster Disgruntled
Yes, I've finally got round to logging in again.

I'm not going to lie, this blog has been the absolute last thing on my mind of late. Work, and I mean MY kind of work has been pretty good to me. Course after course has been laid on and I'm almost valued at the moment even in these times of hardship! It's funny how you suddenly get pushed forward in peoples priorities when suddenly they realise you will be the first at scene for a terrorist attack...

As for this blog I think I will lay it to rest. It's been fun and was wholly relevant when I was a response officer/social worker. Now I feel well looked after and have nowhere near the angst I had when I was a young in service fresh faced PC when I started this. I have no intentions of deleting the blog and it can rest as some sort of testament to the days of the police service under a labour government.

No matter.

Thank you for reading.

Police: Policing Pledge... Policing what??!

Written by RSS Poster Disgruntled
No sooner had my Supervision finally nailed every PC with the 'Policing Pledge' it would now appear the current government think it's a pile of and have promptly disposed of it....

Great! Thank god! What huge waste of time and effort that was trying to force me to comply with it, in the process changing nothing, wasting vast sums of money and then getting rid of it!

Another 'fad' passes into the void and we move on into money saving and difficult times for the civvies and other wasters on the payroll. Whispers have been heard in the nick of certain people being moved around, certain office positions being removed completely and PCs with no street experience for over a decade now possibly being stuck out in the front line! It's amusing at the very least (if I was a MOP I would be terrified!) but it does start to make you wonder what the structure of policing in the country is going to be in 12 months time.

In my case I don't have a huge amount to worry about, recruitment and retention has been a huge issue of late and needless to say I'm...

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Police: Derrick Bird

Written by RSS Poster Disgruntled
I was on duty when the incident was ongoing and there were a fair few armed officer watching Sky News in the nick waiting for further updates. The media seemed to hold the police accountable very quickly even before it was known that Mr Bird had taken his own life.

What the media can't seem to deal with is that he was a NORMAL bloke. Well, as normal as the next man and he happened to be a firearms holder. He wasn't a psycho mentalist in his spare time and didn't ear living creatures as per the Crossbow Killer chap - there's no story. As to why he had a breakdown, it doesn't really matter does it? He lost it and in his rage picked up a couple of weapons and decided to do the unthinkable.

As far as for the police response I can't see any other force reacting differently, or for that matter any quicker. In the more remote parts of the county I work in I could see a madman having a good twenty minutes before police arrived - and that's with the suspect remaining where he is!! With a moving target and no ANPR it must have been a nightmare you literally are waiting...

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Police: Promotion makes your brain leak....

Written by RSS Poster Disgruntled
Seeing some of the people passing the recent Sergeants it fills me with a lot of hope and some dread. A couple of individuals should not have been signed up to do the exam in the first place let alone progress any further now they have managed to pass it!

A few lads I know will make good, if not, great Sergeants and I can only wish them well.

What fascinates me now is seeing how the 'Part one'ers' start adapting their behaviour to how they feel a Sergeant should be behaving. I love seeing how suddenly they start taking an interest in how a job in reviewed or how job allocations are made as opposed to just moaning about it as a typical PC does (Well me at least!)

In some of the more poorly selected individuals the 'treading on people' starts... any opportunity, however petty, is taken to either make themselves look better or other look worse. Minor errors made by once colleagues become serious and huge incompetency issues and advice is dished out however unwanted and ill thought out. If a PC ever did this to me they would get a Foxtrot...

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Police: Sunshine and scum...

Written by RSS Poster Disgruntled
The days have been particularly sunny of late and me and the missus chose to spend the time in the local park. Families were everywhere, kids playing and it was a lovely day.

Then a small group walked through. 5 males, two in black and white hoodies (despite the heat), the rest with grubby t-shirts and all with a customary beer in hand. I was pretty sure their faces were red from the alcohol as opposed to any sun burn and I could smell cannabis wafting from them.

I sat their pretty relaxed, I didn't recognise any of them - I don't work my own patch - but I knew the local response lads would know their names by sight. One lad at the back of the group was then approached by a younger kid who then feigned a punch to the older one.

The older youth then turned to him and yelled "PUSSY" to which the younger lad replied "C**T".

My stomach tensed "Why the hell did they have to come here of all places?" I said to the missus. I watched them mooch past and they ended up 200 yards away. Long smoking papers appeared and more wafts of skunk floated by.

I put the thought...

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Police: Ambulance 212

Written by RSS Poster Disgruntled
Here's a link for an excellent programme 'Cutting Edge' which I managed to catch the other night:

Briefly it's about a couple of crews working the same Ambulance, 212 in this case, and doing the rounds in Reading. The normal reality stuff you'd imagine but this really succeeds because there's barely any voice over and the crew just tell it how it is. The majority of the serious jobs they seem to go to get called in to the police first and I did mentally tick off the jobs they were going to and sharing in their cynicism.

Half baked suicide attempt - Check
RTC with uncompliant 'driver' - Check
Male hit in face by 'friend' - Check
Drug addict female in need of another hit - Check
Street drinker unconscious in local park - Check

I loved the sense of tedium they left in, the sense of trying to pass the time in between jobs and using the black humour to do it. I particularly liked the poorly numbered houses...

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Police: Word Blindness

Written by RSS Poster Disgruntled
The exam was straight forward... shame I didn't know most of the answers!

See you next year!

Police: I'm part of the policing pledge... apparently...

Written by RSS Poster Disgruntled
Are there any other PCs out there that know anything about the political 'guff' that is the policing pledge?! The first I knew about this was when an advert popped up on the telly telling me that all the police comply with it!!

If ever we needed more evidence that policing is little more than political tinkering then the policing pledge is a clear demonstration of it. You'd think it was an election year of something wouldn't you?! ;)

Labour panicking, seeing the complete and utter shit heap that is the modern police service and deciding to try and 'spin' their way out of it.

How does it affect me? Day to day I do nothing differently, nothing at all. The SMT, certainly for my poor response based colleague, appear utterly obsessed with it. Seeing the posters on the wall and the amount of times they mention 'serving' or 'liaising' or 'visibility' and it makes me wonder if we have any powers to deal with bad people any more? I've even heard that SMTs have been having HQ type civvies dropping into nicks to test the PCs on their...

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Police: Jack Straw burns all bridges!

Written by RSS Poster Disgruntled
Words nearly fail me on this one:

Jack Straw 'sceptical' about overworked police

My favourite part is:

"Some police officers, whatever they say, actually quite enjoy being in the police station in the warm".

As opposed to what exactly? Standing out on a point in -2℃?

Well I never! I would have thought 'Police Officers' would enjoy freezing their bollocks off instead - bunch of weirdo sadists that they are...

Have a good New Year everyone, let's make sure these numpties are out of No 10 in 2010 for ALL our sakes!

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