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Police: Free Entry to Emergency Services Show 25-26 Sept 2013

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Interoperability, how the police and all emergency services can work more closely together, is set to be the major theme of the Emergency Services Show taking place at The NEC, Birmingham on 25 and 26 September 2013. Police officers of any and every rank can now register for free entry to this year’s event on the show's website.

The  show provides visitors with valuable opportunities to network with other blue light services including police, fire, ambulance as well as coastguard and rescue and services who are increasingly working together in emergency situations. All of these will be at the show to see the latest developments in equipment and services.

The Emergency Response Zone is a networking focus of the show and will feature around 80 emergency services-related not-for-profits and charities. Stands of particular interest to police officers include The Blue Lamp Foundation and the National Association of Chaplains to the Police.

Entry gives visitors access to free workshops and...

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Free Entry to Emergency Services Show 25-26 Sept 2013

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