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Police: Police Service of Scotland AKA Police Scotland

Written by RSS Poster Random Cop
So, we are just a few days away from Day 1 of Police Scotland and in my opinion we are nowhere near ready.

As it stands today, I have no idea what is happening on Monday! My current division is unbelievably poor at informing its officers of the changes ahead. In fact it's worse than that, it's a fucking disgrace.

The transition to police scotland should have been phased, current force area by current force area rather than all 8 on the same day!

It's been 2 years in the making but yet now only days away are we seeing changes and being advised of procedural changes etc! It's a joke. No briefings, no training, just forwarded emails after forwarded emails. Yet they'll expect you to read the email attachments that is a 300 page Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) whilst carrying on with the rest of you pile of paperwork, and if you do something wrong or something that's against the SOP its on your head and yours only because 'you received the email'! How about fuck off.

Mr House has been in the media recently saying that its...

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Police: Would i join the Police for 19k?

Written by RSS Poster Random Cop
I forgot to publish this blog a number of weeks ago, so i'll do it now.

So, would i join the Police for 19k a year?

Knowing what i know now, no i wouldn't.

19k per year is not enough. Here's a few reasons why, In my short few years in the police i have

- I've been assaulted numerous times
- Been in a serious car accident that required 6 weeks off work and 3 years after the accident i still carry the injuries
- Been contaminated with someone else's blood after they spat in my mouth. I'm still waiting the HIV results.
- Dealt with the death a 16 year old boy who committed suicide by hanging and his distraught family.
- Been first to arrive at a fatal car accident and administered first aid to a man who died in my arms.
- Had a guy intentionally drive his car at me and my colleague at 70mph whilst being pursued by other colleagues.
- had my life threatened on a weekly basis and even had my wife and kids lives threatened.
- Stared into the eyes of murders and rapists and seen what I believe to be pure evil behind those eyes.

So, for 19k per year, would you? I think not.

My local bus company are recruiting with a starting wage of £20k! Worth a thought to anyone looking to join the police!

Police: A break from twitter!

Written by RSS Poster Random Cop
So, a couple of weeks ago I decided I'd had enough of all forms of social media. I closed my personal Facebook account and I've deleted the twitter app from my phone for the @randomcop anonymous account. The twitter account is still there but I've not signed on for a while (other than to publish this blog).

There are a number of reasons I've decided to distance myself from social media, I'll share some of them now.

Facebook - I have over 400 friends (how popular!), of those I would class around 40 as family, 10 as friends I speak to regularly, 30 current work colleagues and the rest as former work colleagues and school friends from years gone by!

I was checking my news feed one day and thought to myself, do I really care about your life? Do I care that you've got married? Do I care that your cat is sick? Do I care that you've been sacked? Do I care that your car has a flat tyre? Do I care you're now single? Etc etc etc

I guess my answer to all those questions was no! If I as a friend or whatever, mean so much to you surely I wouldn't need updates on...

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Police: The morning after the night before!

Written by RSS Poster Random Cop

So, eventually made it home last night after the wife disappeared in the club Chatting to old friends she'd met in the toilet leaving me like a spare prick standing about alone cause I didn't know where she was and decided I'll stand still and she can find me!

When we got home, being the loving and kind husband I am, I got her undressed (unfortunately not that way) as she was in no state to do so herself and put her to bed only for her to mumble something about being sick. So, dash to the toilet where I held her hair back whilst she brought up the copious pints of lager, vodkas and aftershocks before being carried back to bed where she has slept until about an hour ago!

The devil drink eh!

Police: A night oot!

Written by RSS Poster Random Cop
So here I am, sitting in a pub waiting on the wife coming back from the toilet. We're on our first night out together since before we fell pregnant with our daughter, so this night out is over 2 years in the making!

To be honest, I'm bored. I've got used to not going out and getting pissed. I enjoy nights in at home watching tv! I'm only 29 for god sake!

Wife's back, signing off for now!

*******2 hours later************

The usual pissed night out domestic argument begins! I want to go home cause I'm merry and aware that I have a child to watch tomorrow! Wife is pissed and wants to keep drinking because she doesn't know when to stop! We usual argue about going home, I win cause we go home then tomorrow morning we'll wake up and she'll thank me for taking her home!

Maybe she should learn when to stop drinking, I think she still thinks she's 21 sometimes and not 31!

Oh well, here's to the next night out and predictable argument about going home!

Police: Entering the final year of my twenties

Written by RSS Poster Random Cop
So, I've entered the final year of my twenties and it got me thinking about the last 29 years!

I always seem to think, when I have a few minutes to my self, about the past and it always seems to be the same memories!

Today I was looking through some of my old stuff, that I have in storage. I've actually done a lot in the last 29 years!

Ive travelled. lived overseas for 4 years. met wonderful and some weird people. Lived with same people. Met my beautiful wife with whom I've laughed, loved and cryed with. I have a beautiful daughter and hoping to add to that.

I have the best job in the world (bar Hugh Hefner) and although I often moan about work, its more the red tape that annoys me!

Here's to the next 29 years!!

(sorry if this blog doesn't make much sense but I maybe slightly tipsy, the next blog will be written when sober)

Police: Death and me

Written by RSS Poster Random Cop
After my first blog earlier I suddenly started to feel a bit down! Then I started to think about my family and all the issues we've had this year. The worst was definitely the passing of my grandad. He was 84. Due to other family problems,  I don't feel like I've been able to mourn and grieve.

My Grandad was one of a kind, a gentle giant and would do anything for anyone. Like me he was 6 foot plus, well build and shovels as hands. He and my gran have been married 58 years. He kept generally good health all his life but in the last few years had hip issues as most people that age do.

Just before my daughter was born in April 2011, my grandad went into hospital due to blood circulation problems to his feet, he stayed for about 10 days and after a minor operation to open the veins was allowed home, looking back now maybe allowed home too early. He was discharged 8 hours before my daughter was born in the same hospital. Since then his health got a little better, his circulation issues appeared to be getting better too.

Sadly, in March 2012 his health deteriorated...

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Police: My first blog!

Written by RSS Poster Random Cop
So, just the other day I decided I wanted to start writing a blog. I don't know why or how but here goes.

I guess I better introduce myself first, well my name will not be disclosed, my twitter account and this blog are anonymous by choice! I'm in my late 20s, married with a young daughter. I am a police constable with a Scottish police force soon to be known as the Police Service of Scotland (or similar), I have 4 and a bit years service so I guess I'm still a young pup in the game of policing.

I do enjoy my job. Certain parts of it annoy me and certain parts really annoy me but in general I find it rewarding and interesting.

Some people think I'm a little weird cause I hate the (majority of the) living and love the (majority of the) dead. I find dead people interesting and enjoy finding out how and why things happen after death, maybe a Forensic Pathologist should have been my career choice!

So my blogs maybe police related and may not be! I guess it just depends on what's on my mind!

PC Random

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