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Police: Community Policing vs Response Policing

Written by RSS Poster SConTutor's Blog

When I was a young lad I would watch TV Programs such as The Bill where I would see Pc Tony Stamp (Twitters – @grahamcoleact) booting round Sun Hill in a marked up Ford Sierra chasing baddies. I knew at this young age that was the job I wanted to do. Like many people this is what (at the time) I thought policing was all about. The idea of fast driving, excitement, the action, and dare I say it the old fashioned way in which the Relief (shift) would all de-kit and head down the pub as a team appealed to me.

As I grew older I learned a lot about the job from an Uncle who at the time was a serving Inspector within Warwickshire Police (then Warwickshire Constabulary). I started to realise that the job was about improving the life of others and the chasing people around etc was heavily outweighed by the day to day police work. Armed with this new information I was still as determined as before to be a police officer.

Jumping ahead a good few years I had decided that I wanted to join the Army, but that itch to go into police work...

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Police: Affray – Section 3 Public Order Act 1986

Written by RSS Poster SConTutor's Blog

Section 3 of the Public Order Act 1986 creates the offence of Affray. Having been asked many times when arresting people for this offence what it means I shall start this post with the definition which reads:

“A person is guilty of Affray if he uses or threatens unlawful violence towards another and his conduct is such as would cause a person of reasonable firmness present at the scene to fear for his personal safety”.

I will examine this definition in more detail shortly and before I do I have attached a short video that shows a good example of what an Affray is. When you watch it think about the definition above. In the video you will see a separate Criminal Damage offence but for the purposes of this Blog we will ignore that.

In this video the bus driver challenges a passenger for not having the correct fair. As a result the passenger becomes violent and starts to attack the safety screen. If you watched properly you will have seen the gentleman in the black jacket stood behind the suspect at the...

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Police: Sneak Preview of SC Resource Centre Post – Stop and Search

Written by RSS Poster SConTutor's Blog

The following post is an example of the sort of educational guidance I will be adding to the SC Resource Centre that will be available soon. Your thoughts please.

The subject of Police use of Stop and Search is a controversial one which has in the past been of national interest. The power to stop and search a person is a very very powerful tool in a Police Officer’s tool box and its correct use has resulted in some very good results.

Historically stop and search was used discriminately against specific sections of the community and this along with other factors caused a breakdown in relations between the public and Police. Evidence of this can be found within the report into the Brixton Riots written in 1981 by Lord Scarman. Following the tragic murder of Stephen Lawrence in April 1993 a report was written by Sir William Macpherson and in this report stop and search was also highlighted.

Modern day Police Officers receive specific training around stop and search. This training...

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Police: SC Resource Centre Is Here

Written by RSS Poster SConTutor's Blog

Earlier this week I wrote about an idea of starting an interactive learnimg and development zone for fellow Specials and Regular should they wish to join in.

I have today started work on this project.

The forum has a number of subject areas that include a Definition Centre, Crime Investigation, Custody, Crime Lessons, Recruitment Updates amd other areas such as general chit chat.

The forum will provide a lesson zone that will allow attachments of documents or other things such as video clips to provide a better user friendly experience.

I will be in touch with further info and when the site is ready for release I will forward the link.

I hope you will enjoy it as much as I will enjoy putting this project into place.

If you have any ideas you would like me to consider please shout.

Police: Coming Soon – Special Constabulary Resource Centre

Written by RSS Poster SConTutor's Blog

Earlier it was suggested that I consider a way to share my knowledge with my fellow Specials and this idea got me thinking.

I learn and improve my knowledge through a combination of visual aids and writing about topics so I thought hang on a minute this idea can benefit both others and me at the same time.

A few years back I worked as a Investigator and Legal Enquiry Agent and a fellow collegaue developed a online forum with vetted membership that had various headings such as legislation, definitions, industry news, jobs and recruitment oppprtunities etc. Although not applicable to us it also had an area to HMCS form templates and other documents such as MG11′s.

But it did not stop there! There was areas such as a place to seek advice on a matters from colleagues and a area for general chit chat that from memory was called Bar Chat (as if talking in the pub).

But we already have Police forums I hear you saying. Yes we do but none of them are specifically around the knowledge and development...

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Police: Policing – Are You Fit For The Role?

Written by RSS Poster SConTutor's Blog

When I applied to join the Police I like many people were concerned that I would not pass the physical fitness test. I first took a police fitness test around the year 2002 with Thames Valley Police at their HQ. Back then the test consisted of the bleep test although I cannot recall if the pass level was higher than the current level, a test of pulling and pushing strength and a obstacle course that from memory included running through cones and climbing. I was not the fittest of people but at the same time I was not unfit. I passed the test however. This style of fitness testing was altered in the few years that followed.

Since then I have taken a number of fitness tests and have passed all of them. I am required for my role to take and pass an annual fitness test. I have a very active career. I have made a number of arrests and during the course of some of those arrests I have faced violence, physical attacks and resistance. I have also  faced attacks with weapons which has forced me to defend myself...

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Police: Drink Drive – What Is The Point?

Written by RSS Poster SConTutor's Blog

Yesterday I arrived at Custody to start an early turn (0700 – 1600 hrs) in my capacity as a Detention Officer. We have ten prisoners in and three of them were drink drivers. I was sat getting hand over from nights and suddenly said “WHY DO PEOPLE DRINK DRIVE. WHAT IS THE POINT”? I hate drink drivers with a passion. They have complete disregard for themselves and worst still other members of the community!

As handover went on I realised that one of the people in custody was on Police Bail to court later this month having been arrested LESS THAN A WEEK before for the SAME offence. The week before she had crashed her car and luckily no one had been hurt. This week she was arrested in the hire car she had been given after the previous arrest!!! WHY DO IT???

Later that day fellow Tweeter @TrueCrimeUK tweeted a link to a powerful anti drink drive video used by colleagues overseas. I will share this video with you shortly. My mind started to wonder and I could not help but recall a tragic incident that I dealt with...

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Police: Special Constabulary – Here To Assist Not Replace

Written by RSS Poster SConTutor's Blog

This morning I read with interest the Blog of fellow Tweeter @inspjulietbravo titled Special Constabulary – Enhancement Or A Replacement? It was very interesting to see the honest views of the Special Constabulary from a regular officers point of view. Having read this I started thinking about the role and other peoples views of Specials so I decided that I would write about my own experiences and opinions.

The role of the Special has developed over the years. Years ago the Special would only be seen patrolling village fetes but today Specials are deployed on response teams, public order units, roads policing teams and many more. These methods of deployment in my opinion reflect the changes in the service and is no different to the Territorial Army where people join a Regiment that reflects their skills (e.g a Doctor joining the Medical Regiment). If someone possesses skills or they have an ACTIVE interest in developing in a area then why should the Police ignore this?

People join the Special...

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Police: My Personal Experience Of The Fear Of Crime

Written by RSS Poster SConTutor's Blog

Part of the Police’s role is to reduce the fear of crime and in times gone by I have been asked a number of times how Police work to do this.  I grew up on an estate in a Warwickshire town and at the time I was what many would consider to be the hooded youth who hung around with a group of friends. At this point I neither understood or cared what others thought. I was a youngster and I did not think like the adult does.

In my early policing days I did not fully understand exactly what “The Fear Of Crime” was all about. I quickly learned how important this topic was to the public. I myself had experienced thoughts such as “I hope my home is not burgled whilst I am on holiday” or “Probably best I do not get my smart phone out in the street here”.

Today I find myself staying with a relative on an estate in the North of England. I have been here before and I started thinking about my first visit here and this is where my first real fear of crime was experienced.

I recall driving off the motorway and into the estate off an A...

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Police: Communities Beat Crime – Not Just The Police

Written by RSS Poster SConTutor's Blog

Crime is an issue that each and everyone of us will come into contact with at some point in our lives. We may be a victim, a witness to a crime, or simply know someone who has been a victim of crime. Crime fighting and public safety is a primary role for the Police Service and I have experienced first hand negativity when a suspect is released without charge, walks away from court, or a reported crime cannot be progressed due to factors outside of police control such as lack of evidence.

This post has been inspired having heard someone saying “There is no point reporting it as the Police do not give a [CENSORED] and nothing will happen”. This statement requires no explaining but in my opinion is a view shared by many members of the public and this statement could not be further from the truth! Yes we may not be able to deploy a full forensic team to every offence reported to Police but we still need to know what crime has taken place (even if you think we are not bothered). My colleague in West...

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