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Police: On-line justice?

You can do anything on-line now… buy your groceries… book a holiday… plead guilty at court… study for a degree…

…eh? Enter a plea at court?

March will see the successful* pilot system go live and you can enter a plea at court… mmm… I wonder how they will ensure it’s you pleading…

What next: report your own crime? Investigate your own crime?

Yeah… that’s coming too… A little bird tells me that a couple of BIG forces are going to introduce a ‘get your own crime-number’ on-line systems within the next 12-months.

On a related note, that well known and loved ‘pundit’ Robbie Fowler has predictably, got away with speeding…because if he traveled on public transport he would be in danger because people hate him…

Ignoring the fact the court are right…people do hate him…this is another clear example of the simple fact your access to justice depends greatly on how much money you have…


*I’ve never seen a pilot system that failed…it’s someone’s promotion see…

Police: Place your bets!

… on how long it’s going to be before the police get the blame for:

Jihadi John…

the 3-Jihadi brides…

Any bets?


Police: Anne Force one (to leave…)

I see the ‘colorful’ Anne Barnes is sacking her youth commissioner

After her being suspected of driving without insurance… I would think she might  have decided to exercise her own feet in leaving office…

I thought PCC stood for Police Crime Commissioner – not Pants Cock-up Commissioner- here are some of her best lines:

  • On her documentary: ‘The only reason I agreed to do the documentary was to help people better understand the role of police and crime commissioner. It is very complex and there are lots of challenges. Unfortunately I don’t think the programme did that and I’m deeply sorry’. 
  • When asked about her job:‘Oh dear, what is a police commissioner? Right, well it’s not the Police Commissioner, it’s the Police and Crime Commissioner.
  • ‘It’s a strange job because there is actually no description at all – there are certain responsibilities you have to do, but there is no actual job description.’
  • On what her ‘Crime Onion’ meant: ‘Oh God,...

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Police: TASER

Mmm… I suspected the BBC were looking to stick the boot in over taser when I saw a tweet asking for children that have been tasered to volunteer for interview…

They didn’t get any replies!

I think this was interesting…probably because the ‘children’ red-dotted were not ‘Just William’ types caught scrumping -but crack/booze addled morons up for a knock…

…hence their two fingers to the Beeb…. wrong time to post the tweet too… middle of the night for such types…

Police: Bullshire Police

Just to say I love Bullshire police… a deep, enduring love…

The beeb are running a story about how the ‘thin blue line’ are banned in Sussex police because they are ‘not on the list of approved items’…

I want to say publicly that that is BOLLOCKS.

The reason is obvious- they have been told by their masters that it’s a political statement…

… I disagree… the destruction of the police is a matter for us all…

Police: Chip, chip, nibble, nibble…

Police: Badges, solicitors, probationers and Peter Hitchens …

I didn’t think it would be long before some spanner (Inspector Spanner to you m’lad) had an issue with someone wearing the ‘thin blue line’ union jack patch… it just shows the kind of mealy mouthed cretin that gets to that wank on occasion… I believe the appropriate response would be ‘bollocks…sir’. When I was challenged over wearing a union flag pin badge- I smiled sweetly at the gaffer and gave him my pocket book for him to write the order in… he declined.

I ordered a solicitor yesterday at 1500hrs… when I went off duty at 2100hrs he still hadn’t arrived… It seems Valentines night with the other half is more important than the rights of the PIC… I must remember that one…

We have seen a couple of probationers this week- looking like I did, no doubt, in my first week- like a rabbit in headlights… my mate in training tells me that trainers are not trainers any more-they are ‘coaches’. More worrying is the directive given to...

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Police: Top troll in ‘not much’ outcome at court…

An Internet troll that has been on a constant war against anyone he didn’t like has basically got away with it…

Joshua Bonehill-Paine used his website to attack five victims and made false allegations about them

 Joshua Bonehill-Paine used his website to attack five victims and made false allegations about them

A former public schoolboy who described himself as a ‘rising star of the right-wing community’ and branded innocent people as pedophiles on-line has escaped a prison sentence.

Joshua Mark Bonehill-Paine attacked five different victims by cloning their Facebook accounts, publishing ‘wanted’ posters and creating false allegations about them and posting them on-line.

However, despite his ‘fcuk you’ attitude and lack of remorse he has-once again- got away with no prison…I wonder why?
Perhaps the entry ‘public schoolboy’ is the big clue… I watched him on TV the other day… he certainly lived up to his write up… twat.

Police: Payrise? Pay-shmiz…

Two dads has told ‘call me Dave’ that police officers should get a pay rise because we haven’t had one for ages and we deserve one…

…of course it won’t happen…

…for a number of reasons-the main being they don’t have to. The second reason is that is really isn’t part of the plan.

This government is idealistically opposed to spending money on the public sector- the police have had a long run without that and it’s well and truly over.

I would like to see a rise of course- having had, like most of us, a pay cut in real terms of around £3500 since this lot came into power…but we all know it won’t happen…

…and not having a union we can’t do anything about it.

Police: Love this more…

As you know I have been saying for quite a while now that I find the issue around ‘priorities’ somewhat annoying. In any other profession, they are pretty much left to decide how to best achieve the desired outcome- the Army for example.

‘Go and invade blah…’, says the gov. The Army obey and come up with a plan to do that.

…not with the police though… no…

“We want more bobbies on the beat and less crime…”

We all know that the best way to deal with acquisitive crime is to target those nominals that are doing it day-in, day-out…the prolific offender. Take them out and crime drops sharply…

Stop investigating crime and the public start to question the futility of reporting in the first place.

So, it comes as no surprise that officers in Leicestershire Constabulary are being removed from investigation posts like mine to walking the street on a beat. Not because it’s the right thing to do-or even efficient…it’s just what people want to see.

Officers in Leicestershire will...

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