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Police: The Little Light in the Darkness

Written by RSS Poster The Police Debating Directive
I have sworn an oath.

It does not rest. It does not sleep.

It takes more than it gives.

It means, even on the days when a storm blows around us, we must carry on; even with heavy hearts and saddened souls.

It means, we must keep our emotions in check, stay keen in our focus; even when the words of others, are a tinderbox in the hay barn.

We have all been reminded, of the ultimate gravity, of that responsibility.

I intend to carry on; to do what needs to be done.

I will keep my promise, even on the darkest of days.

My candle will continue to cast it's light.

Deep breath.

At G4S, the Chief Executive, since 2005, is Nick Buckles.

Nicholas P Buckles was born early in 1961 in Colchester, Essex.

His mother is Sylvia M Buckles (nee Sparrow) and his dad is Ronald P Buckles. They married in the summer of 1955 in Colchester. His dad, Ronald, was a Police Officer, a Chief Inspector as far as I can deduce at this time.


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Police: The Sound of Panic

Written by RSS Poster The Police Debating Directive
What does panic sound like? How can you pick up on it, amongst a lot of other background noise?

It's easy really. First you just need to establish what induces it.

In a criminal, it could be impending capture. In a ship's crew, it could be the approaching iceberg.

In the case of the Home Office, it seems to be a relatively straight forward question.

The question was this:

“In relation to Tom Winsor's selection as Preferred Candidate for the post of Chief Inspector of Constabulary can you please supply me with all documentation exchanged between the Home Secretary and any other officials within the Home Office recorded in hand-written copy, email, minutes of meetings, letters, notes and any other form of documentation either in hard copy or electronic form which relate to his selection for this post. This should specifically include minutes of all meetings held by the selection panel and any notes made by members of the selection panel.

Could you also please supply me with the names of all persons who sat on the selection panel for...

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Police: The History of the Future

Written by RSS Poster The Police Debating Directive
Ever since I joined the police a Shakespeare quote has always stayed at the forefront of my mind:

“How far that little candle throws his beams! So shines a good deed in a naughty world.”

Over the past few months that has almost become my mantra.

It certainly seems appropriate; as I've increasingly discovered, there is a lot out there that could do with some good light upon it. Also, I would much prefer to live my life knowing that I was brave enough to take a look. To say what I saw.

It can be daunting, scary even, not just throwing those flickering beams out there, not just finding unpleasant things crawling and slithering in the dark; but also doing so, knowing that 'people have long memories'.

That's a phrase many coppers will know. It's a phrase I really don't think needs any explanation.

It's funny, some people have called me fearless some have called me courageous. I don't think of me like that at all. I have a healthy respect of fear, it's kept my instincts alive and, kept me in one piece, more than a few times.


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Police: Fifty Shades of Outsourcing

Written by RSS Poster The Police Debating Directive
In the dark room with the gritty floor, the empty pot of lubricant lay, gathering dust in the corner; a distant memory.

The chains rattled in the darkness, ever more softly as the fight began to falter; the weight of continued pressure and abuse, of tricks and ploys, of being treated like a dog, finally making resistance almost impossible.


The Office of Constable lay prostrate and shackled as, at the top of the basement stairs, a group in suits slowly opened the door...

I'll come back to this.

I've been told two more stories this week, about G4S.

I'm not going to relay them with any comment from me, just as they were told.

I trust the people telling me this but I make clear, this is their word; all I am doing I relaying it because I feel it is worth sharing.

As ever I welcome comment, response and debate.

A colleague working with a constabulary, that is now partnered in a ten year deal with G4S, had this to say:

“Life working with G4S hasn't really started to bite yet - though the sight of "those" logos on the shoulders...

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Police: The Value of Good Will

Written by RSS Poster The Police Debating Directive
I've often pondered if you can put a monetary value on good will.

I was not entirely sure that it was possible, not least of all within the police service.

Thousands of officers, work thousands of hours a year, that they don't claim for. I know, I'm one of them.

I do it because I love what I do; and because I care about putting the time in, to do it right.

This can even mean the little things, like being at your station half an hour before your shift, getting kitted up, checking emails, booking on, checking crimes and intelligence. Checking the files in your rack or docket.

Getting an update, about what incidents are ongoing, from the team you are relieving.

Slowly this particular element of good will is eroding, because officers have had enough. They are worn out by shift changes, to cover shortfalls; sick of being treated 'like dogs' as many would say.

It's sad.

You may think that officers should simply go on duty, officially, the half hour earlier; from experience I can tell you, much fuss will be made and, many nasty things said.


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Police: The Definition of a PCC - The Response

Written by RSS Poster The Police Debating Directive
I am very pleased to publish the response from Mervyn Barrett, PCC candidate for Lincolnshire.

I win five pounds in a bet with myself that a certain 'L' word would be used by the end of it.

"I believe that police reform is long overdue. While crime has fallen substantially over the past 15 years, much of that reduction has been due to a strong economy rather than improved police performance.

Despite a significant real terms increase in funding in recent years, detection rates have not significantly improved, with only a quarter of crimes being 'cleared up'.

A third of the public who come in contact with the police are dissatisfied with the response they receive and most of those who complain are unhappy with the way the police deal with their complaint.

The Policing Minister has said that the police are the poorest performers of the public services.

That said, I know from past experience that there are vast numbers of police officers who see their roles as a vocation and work beyond their remits in order to do a good,...

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Police: The Definition of a PCC - Update

Written by RSS Poster The Police Debating Directive
This morning I received the following from Mervyn Barrett (@mervynbarrett) in response to the blog:

"@MervynBarrett: @J_amesp Hi, could you DM me your best contact details please - email etc. Many thanks, Mervyn"

Taking into consideration his failure to engage openly or repeat his initial comment I am not convinced his motive is to talk through the issues.

Subsequently I have posted two immediate replies:

"@J_amesp: @MervynBarrett on two conditions
1) explain your pensions comment in open forum
2) explain why you want my contact details in open forum"


"@J_amesp: @MervynBarrett I am also happy to host a reply and your feelings to the blog, or post an update incorporating your views. More than happy."

As yet I have received no reply.

Once I do I will happily take an appropriate course of action.

I make clear, I am more than happy to have my opinion changed and if he makes his wishes or thoughts crystalline: I will either post an updated blog with his side of the story or write a new blog incorporating both.

I believe this kind...

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Police: The Definition of a PCC

Written by RSS Poster The Police Debating Directive
I spoke to a PCC Candidate tonight, Mervyn Barrett of Lincolnshire.

He has an OBE but is modest about it.

It started as the usual banter (it's actually quite fun with many PCC candidates) but then he began to refuse to answer questions for members of the public who were talking to him.

This did not bode well. No room for dipping questions in policing.

He then went on to ignore questions from police officers about what genuine, operational reform was needed; after some initial rhetoric about wanting to talk.

Then something horrible happened. He defined himself. I know this sounds like it should be an involuntary bowel movement and, in truth, it is of sorts.

He tweeted:
“We must relentlessly push for efficiency and look to partnerships with third and private sector if we are to improve standards and cut crime”.

You need look no further back in this blog than The Slip of The Mask for my interpretation of PCC's to know this was inevitable. You also, all know my concerns over privatisation.

Quite rightly Barrett was taken up on...

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Police: The Truth About Anger

Written by RSS Poster The Police Debating Directive
It's been a busy old week, not least dealing with two very young, pox ridden children.

I was going to be taking them to the West Country to see their Aunt and Cousin but:

a) I've seen 28 Days Later. This is how it starts.


b) The local shops are all out of little bells that they could ring.

Instead they are being repeatedly smothered in a pink lotion and the youngest is being dosed up with Calpol to control her fever. All the while the not so big brother is finding new ways to empty his boxes of toys across the entire house.

Outside provides no escape as there is rain and wetness. Generally a bad thing for ill children (although my Nan would have slapped some wellies on me and dragged my sorry behind up the High Street, all those years ago).

Subsequently, not so big brother is becoming increasingly frustrated; which brings me on to the topic of anger.

n. A strong feeling of displeasure or hostility.

I firmly believe that the media at large are fully aware of how angry police officers are, in fact I'm fairly sure the anger they see...

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Police: The Smell of Success

Written by RSS Poster The Police Debating Directive
Oh dear. My nostrils are filled with the smell of something...could it be success? Money?

No. It's a rather unpleasant pong wafting from G4S.

I have been sent some real gems today, you see; and the pungent aroma arrived with them.

First I am told that G4S have been replaced by The Army, in doing the security entry posts at the Olympic Park. I can't confirm or deny that as I haven't been there myself but then I received these two links:

"First (longest) vid:

Second vid: "

That's right, someone has gone undercover at G4S and, decide; I'm not sure that smell is success at all.

Another 'S' entirely.

Then to put chocolate sprinkles on my day, the anonymous friend was back; you know, the one with a penchant for family trees.

But first, as is routine, a reminder:

1) G4S pay into Reform, the think tank started by Crime and Justice Minister Nick Herbert.

2) The new role of the HMIC will be to ensure Value...

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