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Police: Police Management Lite

Written by RSS Poster policeaircrew

British police are the “best in the world”  they are in desperate need of reform. Crime is falling year on year. So the people that fight crime are doing a good job and they are in desperate need of reform and need new leaders with no knowledge or experience of policing. (that will help)

Management Lite

Police management is not like real business management, it is management lite. By that I mean it is management without the risks of real management. Let me explain. These days police officers above the rank of Inspector like to think that they are running a business. They talk about customers and targets and use phrases like “we are managing the cuts in funding and staff so that we can still deliver quality of service across all areas of business” whereas police constables are thinking “how do I manage today with less backup without getting my head kicked in” Senior police officers have been trying for years to use “modern business practices” and “business management strategies  in policing and they all have a jolly good time doing it because...

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Police: Attacks from both sides

Written by RSS Poster policeaircrew

Former Merseyside helicopter in Norwegian Police Colours

Thanks to everyone who read and commented on this fledgling blog on its first day.  2700 hits already shows that there is great interest in this topic and an interest in the truth. So although it was supposed to be a one off piece to “get it off my chest” I have been tempted to add another small piece.

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The helicopter picture above is the EC135 registration G-XM11 that used to patrol the skies of Merseyside before that Air Support Unit was disbanded more than a year ago. The reason it’s painted funny colours and has foreign writing on its side is that it has since been taken to Norway to enhance their police air cover following the mass murder tragedy committed by Anders Brevik. Apparently the Norwegians realised that their speed of response to that incident was not good enough and sought to improve it by getting more air cover. Amazing what has to happen before that penny drops.

Anyway XM11 is over there now. That aircraft was the one that the...

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Police: National Police Air Service – Launches today – Lies and spin

Written by RSS Poster policeaircrew 

There are some basic facts that need to be cleared up. You wouldn’t think “facts” needed clearing up would you because they are facts; the truth and therefore should be clear to all. Unfortunately Mr Green the Policing Minister has either been misinformed or is not telling the truth.

Starting with NPAS’s headline figure20-minute response times for 98% of the population” this is plain untrue and was based on flawed maths by people who didn’t understand what they were talking about at NPIA. Here’s how they worked it out. Find out how far a helicopter flies in one minute (2 miles) multiply that by 20 minutes = 40 miles now get a map of the UK and draw 40 mile radius circles around each of your proposed helicopter bases and see how much of the Country that covers – ooh looks great. Pat each other on back. I’ve seen the maps, this is what happened. The lie is that they are calling this the “response time” and it’s not, it is the flying time...

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