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Police: OK, Let’s Try This Again! …

Written by RSS Poster Mental Health Cop

Around nine months ago I started writing a series of BLOG posts, in the three-month build up to the introduction of the amendments to the Mental Health Act 1983, contained within the Policing and Crime Act 2017. The original idea was that the changes would kick in during May 2017 but you may remember a snap General Election got in the way of that and an outcome that probably wasn’t the expected outcome got in the way of a suggestion that the commencement order – a necessary Parliamentary process to bring the changes in to effect – might get concluded before the Summer recess for MPs. Parliament only reconvened in early September and we’ve already broken again for the political party conference season, so it’s now going to be October before the order can be introduced to the Commons. The jokes have started on social media about whether this will emerge during 2017!

So, despite everything and way more than half a year down the line from the posts, we are still in a position where we probably...

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Police: 60% Of The Public Support Me (Honest, They Do)

Written by RSS Poster RetiredAndAngry

That is the bold claim of the West Mercia Police and Crime Commissioner, Mr John-Paul Campion, who just happens to be a Conservative.

What is he referring to?

He is talking about his bid to incorporate Fire and Rescue Services in his portfolio.

For 3 months he hosted a poll on his website asking the public if they supported him taking over responsibilty for Herefordshire, Shropshire and Worcestershire Fire Authorities under his PCC Umbrella, claiming that he could save £4 Million

MORE than 60 per cent of people are in favour of the region’s police and crime commissioner taking over the fire service, a consultation has revealed.

Let’s examine this claim.

The population of Herefordshire, Shropshire and Worcestershire is a tad more than 1 million people.  If this claim has any credibility it must mean that >600,000 people have taken part in the survey and support the proposal. Yes?

Well, erm, NO actually.

Just over 1,300 people took part in the survey and 61% of them supported the idea. If...

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Written by RSS Poster The Justice of the Peace
All too often magistrates are reported to the Judicial Conduct Investigations Office for what they have said either in court or our of court.  And all too often their perceived indiscretions conclude with their being removed from the magistracy.  Crown Court and District Judges (MC) rarely appear in the news for inappropriate remarks whether in or our of a court environment. Of course there is a simple reason for that apparent lack of judicial chastisement; such individuals are skilled in avoiding controversial remarks which might lead them to explain themselves before the JCIO.  What then of HH Timothy Spencer QC and his comments a couple of weeks ago at the gypsy slavers trial at Nottingham Crown Court. To quote the judge`s remarks from the report, "Judge Spencer told the family: "You claimed that what went on at Drinsey was no different from what was going on at any travellers' camps around this country, that all travellers had workers operating under similar conditions."Sadly, I very much...

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Police: Counterfeit campaign warns of dangers of identity theft

Written by RSS Poster ActionFraud's blog

City of London Police’s Intellectual Property Crime Unit (PIPCU) has launched a new campaign with the warning that ‘there’s more at stake when it’s a fake’.

The campaign highlights the many consequences of buying counterfeit goods online, including identity crime. When buying items, people will part with personal details such as their address and financial information which allows fraudsters to set up new websites selling counterfeit goods in their name.

Action Fraud has received over 15,000 reports linked to identity crime in the last year (April 2016 – March 2017) which shows the extent of the growing problem. In addition 400 victims have been contacted by PIPCU in the last two years to inform them that their identity is believed to have been stolen and open websites in their name after they had previously purchased counterfeit items online.

Find out more about the More At Stake campaign.

How to prevent identity theft with safe shopping

Trust your instincts. If an offer looks too...

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Written by RSS Poster The Justice of the Peace
The magistracy has lost about 60% of its numbers in the last decade. There are many reasons for this astounding reduction including a drop in cases coming before the courts, a large increase in the numbers of lawyers appointed as District Judges (MC), retirement of thousands of baby boomer JPs and fewer volunteers with the resources to make the necessary sacrifices in time and income to devote even the minimum twenty six half days annually and three or four days training. A most important consequence of this lack of personnel is the shortage of magistrates trained to sit in the Family Court. Until now at least two years experience sitting on the Criminal Bench was a pre requisite for those wishing to sit on Family. Personally I did not consider myself a candidate for any but the Criminal Bench where I was a chairman for many years. It seems that the shortage on the Family Bench has been recognised by The National Bench Chairmen's Forum, the Senior Presiding Judge and the President of the Family Division.  To...

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Police: Warning: Fraudsters send out letters claiming to be from the National Fraud Intelligence Bureau

Written by RSS Poster ActionFraud's blog

Action Fraud is warning people to be wary following reports of a letter claiming to be from the National Fraud Intelligence Bureau (NFIB).

The letter is being sent to victims of fraud offering them the opportunity to have their money returned. To receive the money, it asks them to send their personal details to a South African bank. However, it uses the NFIB branding and the name of the City of London Police’s Commissioner to appear credible. The fraudsters are sending these letters so that they are able to gather bank details and defraud people who have already fallen victim to fraud.

Protect yourself from fraud recovery fraud:

  • Be ready for fraud recovery scams if you’ve been a victim in the past. Challenge any letters from people you don’t know or companies you’ve never contacted. Clarify any letters directly with the relevant organisation.

  • If you’re asked to pay, or give your bank account details, end all contact.

  • Ask how they found out that...

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Police: Action Fraud warns horse racing community as investment fraud increases

Written by RSS Poster ActionFraud's blog

Action Fraud is warning horse racing enthusiasts following reports of investment fraud cases in the equestrian community.

Action Fraud has received 20 complaints of investment fraud relating to horse racing since June with a total loss of £11,350. The suspects claim to use software for placing horse racing bets on the victim’s behalf. However, once payment has been made to the fraudsters, often methods to contact them are closed down and the victim does not hear from the fraudsters again.

Action Fraud has also noticed the re-emergence of other investment frauds where an individual is encouraged to invest in ownership of a race horse. People are contacted about these non-existent opportunities primarily by post; however, after the fraudsters have received payments, the individual finds they are no longer able to get in contact with the company.

Protect yourself from investment fraud:


Written by RSS Poster The Justice of the Peace
The plan by HMCTS for flexible operating hours in courts has been postponed.  It was due to begin in November but had met much resistance from the legal profession. Magistrates haven`t been too vocal in their opposition. Ostensibly the delay is to allow a more thorough investigation into all aspects of the proposals. Such a confession is an indictment itself of the manner in which the timetable had been set. The clock has been stopped.  It is not unlikely that if and when this exercise to increase utilisation of courts is concluded the result will bear little relation to that which was originally intended.  The very verbiose and Twitter happy CEO of HMCTS has explained herself here.

Police: Six Missed Chances

Written by RSS Poster Mental Health Cop

I want to ask you to put all your preconceptions to one side for the five minutes it will take to read this and for a short while afterwards. If you use the links below and read the Six Missed Chances report from the IPCC, which is published today and follows the death of James Herbert in Somerset in 2010, your instinct may be that some of it is not practical. I fully and freely admit, that was my instinct when I read a draft copy of it last year and I’ve had to really think about this because it’s challenging us to think again about whether we can think differently. I suspect and do understand some officers may wonder whether the IPCC actually understand police work at all or live in the real world – social media shows these questions are emerging as people read the media coverage that is coming out. I would suggest they read the report instead, because it’s not the longest thing of this type you’ll ever see.

A man died here – the report merely asks the service to think again about whether we could think or act...

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Police: A 25 Year Love Affair

Written by RSS Poster policecommander

September 21st 1992.

The day I took the oath and began an adventure – a love affair – that has continued for the last 25 years.

I love policing.

When you strip away all the noise and the nonsense, it turns out to be as extraordinary as a job can be. It’s about saving lives and finding the lost. It’s about comforting the broken and protecting the vulnerable. It’s about confronting the violent and pursuing the dangerous. Sometimes, it’s about risking it all.

I love police officers.

When you listen to the stories of their working lives, they turn out to be as extraordinary as people can be. People who confront armed terrorists. People who give CPR on dusty pavements. People who enter smoke-filled buildings. People who whisper words of comfort to the dying. People who work all the hours in all the weather. People who talk down the haunted and the hurting. People who put up with every kind of abuse. People who, without hesitation, put themselves in harm’s way. People who venture repeatedly into the hurting places....

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