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Police: An amazing opportunity for a vibrant, diverse and young city with amazing communities

Written by RSS Poster CC Dave Thompson

Did you know Coventry is the 11th biggest city in England? It’s bigger than Belfast and Newcastle upon Tyne and across the pond St Louis, Cincinnati and Pittsburgh in the USA. We all know that right? I’m not so sure. We are a force with three large cities in Birmingham and Wolverhampton too. In any other force Coventry would be the biggest city!

Given the geography of the force it’s quite possible you may never have even been there. However If you are from Cov you are, quite rightly, proud of the place.

Coventry 2021

In 2021 the rest of the country is going to get excited about the city because Coventry is the UK City of Culture.

This is a massive opportunity for West Midlands Police. I want to explain why this is important and get us thinking about how we maximise this opportunity. I want to do this now as in July we’ll see the tempo of the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games pick up and it’s important we max out on Coventry first!


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Written by RSS Poster The Justice of the Peace
Only a tiny minority of the population has been or will be involved in a terrorist attack. Of these unfortunates a significant number has been or will be killed.  In those circumstances an inquest would normally be held in order to establish the facts of what happened.  Unlike court proceedings it will be inquisitorial not adversarial.  All the government agencies involved will be represented by highly qualified legal teams funded by public money; your taxes and my taxes. The relatives of the bereaved will not be so funded.  Legal aid is usually unavailable for such people unless "it is the public interest" and only after an intrusive and means tested process.  That is one example of how our government hides its secrets.  It is a disgrace about which most people don`t know or care. It is a prime example of how very rotten our governing classes have become. It is yet another example of the bedrock of our society disintegrating before our very eyes.  But of course the MOJ has an explanation: "Our thoughts remain with those...

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Police: The Law is Optional

Written by RSS Poster Mental Health Cop

When I started proper work on the subject of policing and mental health, I had not the first clue where to start – there was no course you could ask to go on.  I came to this agenda originally precisely because of my professional ignorance, but also my uncertainty and my fear – there was no personal agenda in the background of this.  I’ve been asked more than once whether I used to be a mental health nurse – no, I didn’t.  I’ve been asked whether I, my family or close friends have experienced mental health issues – actually, none of your business, frankly but I’ll restate that the essence of my curiousity fand frustrations was professional.

Without that first clue, I did what seemed instinctive to me as a police officer: I picked up the Mental Health Act 1983 and read it – then I read it again.  I also read the Code of Practice to the Mental Health Act – and yes, I do mean all of it.  When the Mental Capacity Act received Royal Assent and when it’s Code of Practice came out, I read those too – I’m a...

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Police: The Mental Capacity (Amendment) Act 2019

Written by RSS Poster Mental Health Cop

Earlier this month, Royal Assent was given to the Mental Capacity (Amendment) Act 2019. This is a very short piece of legislation and it is, as the name suggests, merely amending legislation for the Mental Capacity Act 2005. This post is a taster of what it means for police officers and paramedics in particular, especially in light of previous posts I’ve done which attempt to clarify terms like ‘deprivation of liberty’ and to explain the current section 4B of the MCA.  This is the thing which talks about not depriving someone of the liberty where they lack capacity, except to provide a ‘life-sustaining treatment’ or do a ‘vital act’ which prevents ‘a serious deterioration in someone’s condition’.

This amendment stuff is not yet law – we don’t yet know the commencement date and this post is just an early heads up of what’s coming towards us!


I’m hearing estimates it may be late 2020 before this stuff takes effect and if history repeats itself, there will be little...

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Written by RSS Poster The Justice of the Peace
Insert "Richard Page" into the search box and you will find a history of one of the most controversial sackings of a Justice of the Peace in living memory. The posts, the most recent of which was earlier this year on January 7th, need no explanation; they speak for themselves. It seems the final chapter of this story has been written.  An employment appeal tribunal has ruled that he was rightly dismissed.  Readers will have their own opinion on the decision made earlier this week.  

Police: A-B-C-D-E

Written by RSS Poster Mental Health Cop

You may remember from late last year, I’ve made a large noise about the inquest in to the death of David Stacey in Leicester. David died in late 2017 and the inquest just before Christmas last year, concluded that his accidental death in road collision had been contributed to by the neglect of NHS services.  In particular, it was alleged that non-compliance with s140 MHA and there being no beds available for urgent admissions, was such a problem that it required a Preventing Future Deaths report to the Secretary of State for Health as well as to the relevant Leicestershire mental health services and clinical commissioning groups.

This post is just a short addition because yesterday Leicester City Council published a Safeguarding Adults Review report after a learning event held in the city last year. The report is now a public document and it speaks for itself.  However, I want to make three quick points in respect of it and leave you to your conclusions.


Written by RSS Poster The Justice of the Peace
The Parliamentary Justice Committee has just published its latest report on the magistracy.  It seems that these worthy representatives of ours are once more wasting their time and effort not to mention our pounds.  Since 2010 the Conservative governments including the Coalition have steadily and painstakingly reduced the budgets of the justice system as a whole; from the curtailment of legal aid to the bare bones resulting in the impoverishment of the young lawyers seeking to secure their professional status by the imposition of pay rates in many cases no better than those of checkout workers to the acute shortage of judges who actually preside over crown courts and sit at the high court and whose position must not be overlooked even although many corbynites might consider they are already overpaid.  Then they would wouldn`t they.  Their modus operendi is to sow discord and confusion. Hundreds of closed courts based on government lies about the time and transport costs of alternative venues have taken...

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Written by RSS Poster The Justice of the Peace
A recent parliamentary answer by  Paul Maynard The Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Justice was as below:-

The number of sessions sat in magistrates’ courts in England in the calendar year 2018 was 208,711. We don’t count days sat in the magistrates’ court and instead count sessions. A session is usually half a day in length.

A Freedom of Information request as to how these sessions were allocated to magistrates or District Judges(MC) was unable to be answered. " I can confirm that MOJ holds some of the information you have requested. However, to provide as the request currently stands would exceed the cost limit set out in the FOIA. Section 12(2) of the FOIA means public authorities are not obliged to comply with a request for information if it estimates the cost of complying would exceed the appropriate limit. The appropriate limit for central government it is set at £600. This represents the estimated cost of one person spending 3.5 working days determining whether the...

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Police: On Leadership

Written by RSS Poster policecommander

And so to the queue of people telling us that they want to be the next Prime Minister. Faced by an electorate baffled and bewildered and downright angry about the state of political leadership in this country.

Here’s my list of ten things I want from the people who want me to follow them – a list against which to measure those who seek to lead:

(1) Leadership is service

The first responsibility of a leader is to serve. Before anything else, to serve.

(2) Leadership is sacrifice

The greatest leaders are the ones who believe in something greater than themselves – and who are prepared to spend themselves in that cause.

(3) Leadership is courage

I find myself returning often to that Aaron Sorkin line from the film, The American President: “I was so busy keeping my job, that I forgot to do my job”. Leadership demands courage. I mean moral courage. I mean the insistence on doing the right thing, regardless of the personal costs or consequences.

(4) Leadership is truth

Leaders must tell the truth. Always.

(5) Leadership is listening


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Police: Chief’s blog: People deliver performance

Written by RSS Poster CC Dave Thompson

Dave ThompsonThis week is Diversity and Inclusion week and brings together a number of activities.

Two weeks ago we released the results of the Big Conversation, our staff survey, and indeed we released every result for every department for everyone to see. I am very pleased with the number of staff that took part. 53% of staff completing it is a very high rate of completion for any internal survey. I cannot help be pleased that 75% of those who took part say they love their job.

You may have noticed we have not come out with a force response; that is deliberate. You will see through Team Talk we want you all to discuss this and identify key things your team think are important to concentrate on. That’s exactly what we as an Exec Team are doing. The survey is the start of a conversation, so join in the debate! In the next few weeks we will be sharing the details of the innovation fund so your ideas on how to improve how things have the opportunity to access some cash.

In terms of the...

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