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Police: Knife Crime – A Five Point Plan

Written by RSS Poster policecommander

My phone has been ringing consistently in the last 24 hours – a succession of calls from journalists wanting to talk about Knife Crime, or to arrange radio and TV interviews to talk about Knife Crime. Prior commitments have meant that I’ve had to turn almost all of those requests down, but this is what I would have said given the chance:

(1) A Long Term Plan

We need a long term plan for dealing with knife crime – at least ten years, preferably twenty. We need to understand that, when problems have been a generation or more in the making, they might just take a generation or more to mend.

We have got to get beyond the relentless demand for quick fixes. The professional and effective use of police Stop & Search powers undoubtedly saves lives, but it is not the long term answer to anything.

(2) A Public Health Approach

We need to re-frame our understanding of violence, recognising that it is at least as much a public health issue as it is a crime problem. Violence is a disease that can be caught and transmitted....

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Written by RSS Poster The Justice of the Peace
Over the last five years I have not been alone in castigating the "improvements" brought about by the former Justice Secretary Chris Grayling. Indeed quick use of the search box will indicate just what a catastrophe this incompetent man has been.  Reinforcing the fact that it was not a departmental failing of one sort or another today brings news of his ramshackle approach in his current job as Transport Secretary which has once more cost the taxpayers of the UK £millions.  The fact that Maymustgo (to employ a well used Twitter handle)  has kept this arrogant stupid man in position is yet just another facet of what the Brexit farce has brought us. He is an arch Brexiteer she dare not sack. This is politics today.

Ambulance: Fleece Pajama Bottoms 2019

Written by RSS Poster StorytellERdoc
People will stare. Make it worth their while. 

Can someone please tell me the exact moment when fleece pajama bottoms became the fashion sensibility of America?

I can't pinpoint the moment exactly, but several years ago I began to notice that many of our ER patients were presenting for treatment wearing nice fluffy fleece bottoms. Men. Women. Old. Young. These fleece bottoms seemed to be enjoyed by a variety of the population. Most of these earlier bottoms for the younger patients were of superheroes and childhood figures, like kitties and ponies. For the older patients, it seemed like the characters from the adult-cartoons The Simpsons and The Family Guy were a big hit.

Being a new sort of fashion, I enjoyed the earlier era of these pajama bottoms. They seemed to be appropriate wear for some of our sicker patients who didn't have the energy to change out of their bed wear before coming to us for medical help. Especially the kids, who often had matching fleece blankets, I enjoyed the style of these pajamas and the...

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Ambulance: Cameras in Ambulances

Written by RSS Poster Medic Scribe

They have installed cameras in our ambulance just behind the rear view mirror. The camera records both the traffic in front of the ambulance and inside the front cab of the ambulance. It does not record the passenger compartment, and it (supposedly) is only a video recording.  Audio would be illegal in our state.

The camera is programmed to record in the case of an accident or sudden deceleration or swerve. It can also turn on if the driver or front seat passenger hit a button on the device. The camera will capture 10 seconds before and 10 seconds after the incident. In normal function the camera displays a green light. It will turn red when activated.

If you get in an accident and the recording shows you were texting or talking on your cell phone, much less drinking a beer, then you will have to accept your fate.

If you are driving safely and a distracted driver swerves into you, then the recording will be to your benefit.

I have only set it off once so far.

We were driving back to the base after a twelve hour day. There...

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Fire: Fire & Rescue Authority approves Chief Fire Officer’s bold plans to fight austerity

Written by RSS Poster Merseyside Fire & Rescue Service - Latest News
Fire & Rescue Authority approves Chief Fire Officer’s bold plans to fight austerity

Police: A week of violence and tragedy

Written by RSS Poster CC Dave Thompson

This last week has been one of the most violent and tragic weeks I have seen in my police service. The violence and the loss of young lives has scarred families and communities across the region and specifically in parts of Birmingham. My thoughts are foremost to the families suffering this huge loss.

Chief Constable David Thompson

Chief Constable David Thompson

We have seen six murders over the last two weeks. It is important to say these are very varied and the offending, while having tragic results, did not in most of these cases bring danger to the streets or a broader public threat. The number has simply been chance and has some very specific circumstances.

The murders of Sidali Mohammed, Abdullah Muhammad and Hazat Umar are very different. They are part of a broader picture of violent knife crimes involving young people we have seen in Birmingham, our region and indeed in many of our cities across the country. I am sure parents and young people have been very scared by these events.

While these matters are pending proceedings or under...

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Written by RSS Poster The Justice of the Peace
I offer just a few points of reference for today.

Prosecutions for road traffic offences have fallen by two thirds since 2010.  I doubt that driving standards have improved so much in that time.  The only possible explanation is that with fewer police on patrol fewer miscreants have been apprehended. The numbers are here

The government is totally to blame for the current shortage of magistrates. The number of two person benches is on the rise precisely because of the shortage. But in the true tradition of government obfuscation we are told no statistics are kept on these events.  This is ridiculous. It would take but an instant to note these numbers given that every case is associated with the names of those JPs who sat on the occasion(s) in question. 

For examples of how the nasally inclined public school accented women in charge of the magistracy are allowed to rant and divert attention from actual problems readers could do worse than spending an hour or so watching the recent meeting of the House of Commons Justice...

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Fire: Joint campaign with Liverpool City Council ensures safety of high rise residents

Written by RSS Poster Merseyside Fire & Rescue Service - Latest News
Joint campaign with Liverpool City Council ensures safety of high rise residents


Written by RSS Poster The Justice of the Peace
Last week the Guardian published a lengthy article on the demise of court reporting.  It is a fact based information piece that offers no solutions to the perceived deficit. However these facts do not tell the whole story.  As I have posted here from time to time there are regular all day as it happens magistrates courts reports countrywide.  Insert court reporting in the search box. 

There is no doubt in my mind that it is a matter of "when" and not "if" live TV webcasts of all our courts  are common place.  These of course would have to be funded by commercial means.  The argument most often promulgated against such broadcasting is that the medium would become more significant that the legal process.  We are told that witnesses and more importantly barristers would perform for the cameras. Similar arguments were made by opponents to the televising of the House of Commons. With the Supreme Court`s proceedings a regular legal fixture I look forward to the day when I can choose to view the daily happenings at my...

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Ambulance: Sepsis

Written by RSS Poster Medic Scribe

EMS has focused on trauma, stroke and STEMI in recent years with resulting improvements in outcomes.  Many health care systems are now turning attention to sepsis care and the considerable role EMS can play in early recognition and treatment.

Here in Connecticut we have Sepsis Alerts, which while rarely generating the full response of Trauma, Stroke and STEMI Alerts are important to help hospitals be able to quickly recognize sick people on entry and devote them more immediate attention than they might otherwise receive.

EMS can start the treatment soonest with aggressive fluid resuscitation for those who meet the indications.

Great material on sepsis is available at this web site:

Sepsis Alliance

Check out this excellent video:

Learn to recognize sepsis:


Suspected infection – YES

Evidence of sepsis criteria – YES (2 or more):

o Temperature < 96.8 °F or > 100.4 °F.

o Heart rate > 90 bpm.

o Respiratory rate > 20 bpm.

o Systolic blood pressure < 90 mmHg OR Mean Arterial Pressure (MAP) <65 mmHg.


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