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Written by RSS Poster The Justice of the Peace
Even those who had no knowledge or interest in the Parole Board a month ago will surely have learnt something new to their advantage.  Another veil on the face of the justice system has been allowed to drop revealing that since its inception this body of the "great and the good" has been more secretive than the Masons when it comes to public scrutiny although I was pleased to note yesterday that the latter is baring its chest to allow public view of its innards. The courts too are on the same ladder to allow public scrutiny to some limited extent. Scotland has allowed cameras in court although not "live" as in America.  The Supreme Court has gone further with its proceedings indeed "live".  The internal workings of a jury are still sacrosanct although IMHO it is long overdue that all aspects of that system from eligibility (jurors currently do not need to be British citizens or be examined in their comprehension of English language) to composition; it is nonsense that a jury comprises an even and not an odd...

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Police: Liable To Be Detained

Written by RSS Poster Mental Health Cop

An AMHP and two doctors, one of whom is s12 approved, attend a patient’s home following concerns about their mental health deteriorating. They conclude the patient will require admission to hospital and that admission under s2 of the Mental Health Act will be required – the application is duly made under the Act so the patient is now ‘liable to be detained’, the precursor step to being detained in hospital. The patient is unwilling to travel and for a range of reasons, neither police nor ambulance crews are available to attempt to persuade, influence or effect the admission of the patient to hospital. A decision is taken to leave the patient at home with their family and try against the following day but by then, the bed in to which the patient was to be admitted is no longer available, it having been given to someone else overnight.

The MHA application appears to lie in tatters, but then a bed becomes available at the original hospital to which the application had been made and the ‘exam question’ arises –


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Written by RSS Poster The Justice of the Peace
Police misconduct is rarely out of the news these days. Whether that`s because of more reports being available to the public or more actual misconduct is difficult to tell.  One thing is for sure and that is the enormous increase in the numbers of senior officers involved. Two years ago I commented at length on the situation.  We now know the scandal of the lies and cover up by those at the top of South Yorkshire Police at and following the Hillborough tragedy. Only today it has been reported that the senior detective who conducted interviews with "Nick" the informer in the Edward Heath paedophile case, Diane Tudway has been promoted to superintendent whilst she is under investigation for allegedly misleading a judge into granting search warrants to raid suspects` homes.  She is of course currently not guilty of the charge but it is disgraceful that with such a matter unconcluded she is given a promotion to such a senior rank.  Yesterday Police Scotland`s Chief Constable resigned under a cloud.  A couple...

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Fire: Pet oxygen masks delivered to 14 fire stations across Merseyside

Written by RSS Poster Merseyside Fire & Rescue Service - Latest News
Pet oxygen masks delivered to 14 fire stations across Merseyside


Written by RSS Poster The Justice of the Peace
Jails are at bursting point, probation service is overwhelmed and undermanned, police are turning blind eyes to "minor" criminality, CPS is failing in its prime duties, Justice Secretaries are playing musical chairs and the Parole Board must ask serial rapist if he consents to wearing an electronic tab were he to be released on license. I rest my case.

Fire: Colleague recognition event at Wigan

Written by RSS Poster News

Wigan Red Watch Crew Manager, Martin Pike has been recognised for his actions at a rescue from height incident on November 13, 2017 at Pagefield Mill, Wigan where he brought a woman to safety.

On arrival, Martin observed a young female stood at the top of a four storey mill threatening to take her own life.

Martin proceeded to enter the mill and made his way to the roof via the stairs where the young female was. After 20 minutes, he managed to convince the 15-year-old to step away from the edge of the building and accompany him out of the mill where other agencies could provide support.

The afternoon saw the Chief Fire Officer Dawn Docx, Bolton Borough Manager Lee Coleman, Wigan Station Manager Wayne Van Hecke and the two crews from Red Watch at Wigan come together to celebrate Martin’s gratitude.

Dawn opened the colleague recognition event by saying: “What makes GMFRS the best service in the UK is the people, and how they go above and beyond.

“Each and every firefighter in the service go the extra mile and therefore...

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Written by RSS Poster The Justice of the Peace
Two weeks ago I posted on the news that the Crown Prosecution Service was publishing its own court reports.  It seems that this is merely the beginning of a campaign by said organisation to control the news.  The finding of gross failures  in its procedures that have caused outrage in legal circles notwithstanding the personal traumas inflicted on innocent parties must have inspired its discredited DPP to accelerate the program.  With the decline in local court reporting by local media it is not unlikely that a case spun by the weasels of the CPS press office will be at best a PR moment or at worst a sign of government managed news eclipsing other sources.  Where has been the comment  of libertarians and those who value a truly free press? Justice is being assailed from many quarters.  The new CPS beta version website might not be PRAVDA but it is an unwelcome sign of things to come.

Police: Cost of car insurance fraud to victims revealed in new police campaign

Written by RSS Poster ActionFraud's blog
  •  City of London Police’s Insurance Fraud Enforcement Department launches campaign to raise awareness of fraudsters selling fake car insurance and warn motorists to ‘Steer Clear of Fraud’ 
  • Over 850 reports of ghost broking have been reported to Action Fraud in last three years, with reported losses from individuals and organisations totalling £631,000
  • Individual victims of ghost brokers lose on average £769 
  • Ghost brokers typically target men in their 20s, using social media 

The City of London Police’s Insurance Fraud Enforcement Department (IFED) has launched a national awareness campaign today (Monday 5 February 2018) to warn motorists about the dangers of buying fake car insurance from fraudsters, also known as ‘ghost brokers’, who are potentially leaving thousands of unsuspecting victims driving without insurance. 

Extent of the problem 

From November 2014 to October 2017, Action Fraud received more than 850 reports linked to ghost broking, with reported...

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Police: Efficiency – The digital revolution

Written by RSS Poster CC Dave Thompson

We still have to maximise the amount of policing we can offer on a reducing financial base. The force will continue to get smaller.

WMP2020 will roll out significant technology in the next two years. We have recently embedded Oracle Fusion, our back office system. Connect our new crime, custody, case and intelligence system will arrive in early 2019 followed by a new Command and Control system. The PNC/PND replacement, the National Law Enforcement Database, new ANPR and biometrics projects and the Airwave replacement known as Emergency Services Mobile Communication programme (ESMCP) arrive in 2019-20. There are national and local programmes on digital evidence. Mobility devices and body cameras will roll out across this period. The scale of the technology opportunity is significant and this is just the basics.

PC Louise Ruddick using the mobile smart phone.

Smart phones reduce the need for you to return to the station to access data

The Data Driven Insight programme is on the cusp of turning on some of the most powerful analytics in international...

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Fire: PIER FIRE - 2008


On July 28, 2008, flames engulfed the Grand Pier at Weston-super-Mare.

Avon Fire and Rescue Service deployed 13 engines, special units and 60 firefighters.

Wikipedia said:

``Robert Tinker, a Grand Pier employee, was later praised by the fire brigade as he braved the extreme intensity of the heat from the flames to rush around the side of the building to remove several gas canisters which had been stored within the premises, had these not been removed the fire brigade claimed that the blaze could have been much worse, with the possibility of local residents and traders needing to be evacuated.''

The pier, which opened in 1904, was rebuilt and opened again in 2010. 
It was also the scene of a major fire in 1930.

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