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Written by RSS Poster The Justice of the Peace
During my time as an active JP I was not personally in a court from which a defendant had escaped although there were a couple of such episodes in an adjoining courtroom.  In my very early days there usually was a uniformed police officer in the remand court and others in the vicinity as witnesses to one case or another.  That level of security tailed off in the late nineties. Some docks were secure particularly in the remand courts but others presented no barrier to a determined miscreant who might have decided to abscond or do harm to those present. Recently two violent offenders breached what little there was of court security at Worcester Crown Court and Grimsby Crown Court respectively. I am a blogger and not a research statistician. There are no easily obtained statistics on the numbers of individuals who have attempted or actually achieved an escape from court.  The nearest document of significance is listed below.  It is not dated nor does it offer the aforementioned numbers; I would opine that that is deliberate...

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Military: The Cellar Hose of Pervyse - Chapter 2 - In the Thick of Battle

Written by RSS Poster Out of battle

'The Cellar-House of Pervyse'

A Tale of Uncommon Things from The Journals and Letters of the Baroness t'Serclaes and Mairi Chisholm

A Story of Two British Volunteer Nurses on the Yser Front

Chapter II - In the Thick of a Battle

By September 29, three days after they had arrived in Ghent, Gipsy's vital energy had got too much for her, and she had to do something or explode; so she found a job in driving the car of the Belgian Colonel, whose own chauffeur had disappeared. She fell into this niche, which fitted her to a nicety, in the simplest and most feminine way possible, because she walked up to look at the Belgian trenches outside the town, and found the Colonel minus a coat button. Of course she sewed it on, and followed up the obvious opening by offering to fill the place as chauffeur. Though the Belgian Army was not nearly so much swathed about with red tape as some of the older countries, yet it was rather an innovation that the Colonel should accept a woman as chauffeur in war-time,...

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Written by RSS Poster The Justice of the Peace
It is extremely risky and perhaps foolhardy to describe the actions of others in life and death situations when sitting safely at a keyboard.  I will take my chances. When people sign up for the armed forces or the fire or police service they know that they are likely to be in some physical danger at some time(s) in their career.  Those who are promoted to leadership roles must have indicated to their superiors that in addition to perhaps exhibiting rare skills of management or expertise that they have not forgotten the basics of the job; ie to run towards the danger whilst the rest of us run from it.  It seems that the acting Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police at the time of the Westminster terrorist attack had forgotten these basics.  SHAME ON HIM! 

Ambulance: Spare Change

Written by RSS Poster Medic Scribe

I see Maria outside the Spanish market, squatting against the building. She is a tiny woman in her fifties who was introduced to heroin thirty years ago when she was living in New York. The father of her son used it occasionally and when he used, she was obligated to sniff some as well. It didn’t take her long to get addicted. She has grandkids, but she never sees them. Her father is still alive, but even though she misses him terribly, she doesn’t want him to see what she has become. She says she would like to quit, but she has no help. She stays here and there, and is dependent on people coming out of the market and giving her their loose change. She doesn’t beg or ask or bother people, she is just squatting there. People who know her and know what she needs hand her some change. When she gets four dollars, she walks a block and goes behind a cafe and buys from the guys in the back lot. “No Fentanyl,” she tells them. She just wants heroin, enough to keep her from being sick.

I’ve taken her to the hospital a couple...

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Police: ‘Mental Health Related’

Written by RSS Poster Mental Health Cop

For some while, it has been suggested that the police service need to define what they mean by an incident being ‘mental health related’. You know those claims you’ve heard may times about how X percent of police demand or police time is connected to mental health related jobs? … well, it’s always been true that we’ve never been entirely consistent or sure of what we’re counting.

When I first ventured the 20% figure on this BLOG many years ago, I knew what I was counting: I’d been keeping tallies as a response inspector of things going on whilst I was at work and would often take a snapshot of –

  • Detainees in custody flagged as having a mental health condition, or a warning marker for suicide or self-harm.
  • What percentage of people who are currently reported missing are absent from mental health care or whilst suspected to be at risk of their mental state?
  • Of all the 999 and 101 calls that land in a snapshot period (usually one or two hours), what percentage were in some what ‘mental...

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Military: The Cellar House at Pervyse - Chapter 1 - The Start

Written by RSS Poster Out of battle
'The Cellar-House of Pervyse'

A Tale of Uncommon Things from The Journals and Letters of the Baroness t'Serclaes and Mairi Chisholm

A Story of Two British Volunteer Nurses on the Yser Front

Chapter I - The Start

I shall never forget them as I saw them first, a little oddly mixed group. They might have been a party of Cook's tourists going for a week-end across the Channel as they stood there in Victoria Station; but it was more than a week-end trip they had to face. At first I thought that some of them were merely seeing the others off, especially the lady with cherries in her hat. In fact, there were only two who looked real sportswomen, and they were Mrs. Knocker and Mairi Chisholm. They were dressed in big khaki overcoats, but as these were flung open one could see the high boots and tunics underneath, and there was no manner of doubt that they were wearing knickerbocker khaki suits in London! The others were slightly scandalized—one could see it in their furtive glances, and the way they...

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Ambulance: Supraglottic Versus ET

Written by RSS Poster Medic Scribe

“EMS personnel and physicians involved with protocol development for EMS systems in the United States, United Kingdom, and similar settings with limited exposure to advanced airway management should reconsider the routine use of endotracheal intubation as the first-line strategy for airway management in out-of-hospital cardiac arrest.”

This is the conclusion of an editorial in the August 28, 2018 edition of the Journal of the American Medical Association.

The editorial, “Pragmatic Airway Management in Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest,” is in response to two major new prehospital randomized, controlled airway studies published in the same edition of the journal.

In the first study, the Pragmatic Airway Resuscitation Trial (PART), researchers found initial insertion of a laryngeal tube (King-LT) in victims of cardiac arrest “was associated with a significantly greater 72-hour survival compared with a strategy of initial endotracheal intubation.” The authors found that a King LT Airway outperformed the endotracheal...

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Police: Even More on ABD

Written by RSS Poster Mental Health Cop

Today the College of Paramedics produced their position statement on Acute Behavioural Disturbance and it adds weigh to those tomes I’ve previously pushed as authorities or resources on the subject. ABD continues to be a subject of debate, arising recently in another post I did during a pre-inquest hearing in Bournemouth in to the death of Mr Douglas Oak who was 35yrs old. In that matter, Dorset Police called for support from South West Ambulance Service after believing Mr Oak was suffering from ABD and the subsequent issues with ambulance attendance have led to a comparatively rare direction from the Coroner who is inquiring in to Mr Oak’s death at a young age.

Bearing in mind a full inquest is yet to occur and not scheduled to take place until 2019, the Coroner gave the ambulance service two weeks to produce more material on ABD and their policy or response to it, and suggested that unless she was satisfied she may issue a preventing future deaths report prior to the full inquest occurring. I’m not sure I’ve ever known...

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Fire: Businesses are reminded they need a licence to store and sell fireworks

Written by RSS Poster Tyne and Wear Fire and Rescue
All businesses who plan to sell and store fireworks for Diwali and/or Bonfire Night are reminded that they need an up to date explosives licence enabling them to safely store fireworks. Tyne and Wear Fire and Rescue Service (TWFRS) Area Manager Lynsey McVay, said: “Not having a valid licence to store fireworks is a criminal offence and can lead to an unlimited fine, two years imprisonment or both. However the process is very simple businesses just need to request an inspection through our website, the inspection will then be arranged within 28 days.” TWFRS Fire Safety Inspectors can help businesses through this process by carrying out inspections to ensure that fireworks are stored legally and safely in accordance with the Explosives Regulations 2014. To request advice or apply for an explosives licence please visit our website and request an inspection using the online form In...

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Written by RSS Poster The Justice of the Peace
It seems that it is not only in the UK where police patrols on motorways are far less common than a decade ago; after having just returned from travelling on autoroutes in Normandy and Brittany the French police appear to be equally absent. Although road casualties in France are far higher than here I felt that the French hare brained, must get there quicker than you attitude has diminished. Indeed I felt confident crossing a road by a zebra crossing that traffic would stop.......and it did. Which brings me to yesterday`s announcement from the Chief Constable of Lincolnshire that he is giving additional discretionary powers to the county`s PCSOs.  Many years ago I posted on creeping practices across many professions of hailing the extra help that "assistants" would give to principals.  The argument went that the employment of such people at relatively low wages would free up time for their senior professionals and would thus be cost effective.  Such briefings always emphasised that the role...

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