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Fire: Fire Service Update Sept 09

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Good Morning All

I wont beat about the bush so to speak, but if anyone is considering buying anything from our Recruitment Products page in the next 36 hours, here is a little secret, you can get them half price via our site, yes 50% off all products.

Secondly, we are interested to hear your views on the re-introduction of the RSS Feeds and would like you all to vote within our current poll running on our forum. This will allow us to update you all in an instance without having to send out these emails as regular as we do.

The recruitment pages within the site have now been updated to display more current information.


UK Fire Service Resources

Fire: Upcoming Recruitment

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Good Evening

Just to give you all a heads up on recruitment that is due to start very soon.

Firefighter Transfers - Durham and Darlington Fire and Rescue

The service is currently looking at Inter-service transfers in order to ensure staffing levels and a mix of skill and experience within the operations section. To transfer into the service applicants must be a fully competent wholetime firefighter. If you are aware of anyone who is interested in transferring into DDFRS please advise them application forms are available from the Vanessa Holliday, Personnel Assistant on 0191 3324379 or via email at [email protected] or via our website.

The timeline of events is scheduled below:

  • Closing date: 27th August 2009
  • Shortlisting: 28th August 2009
  • Interviews: 3rd- 17th September 2009
  • Skills Assessment Day: 1st & 2nd October 2009

Whole-time Firefighter Recruitment – Suffolk Fire and Rescue

8th August sees the launch of a whole-time firefighter recruitment campaign – the first in Suffolk since 2006.

We are holding a number of sessions...

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Fire: Warwickshire Recruitment

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Good Evening For those of you who have been on this mailing list for a while will know, we have constantly been telling you to get yourself prepared. The reson for this is now evident with the announcement that Warwickshire are recruiting for wholetime. However, you need to be very quick as the recruitment campaign is only open until Monday 27th. Please see the following link for more details. As you can see, the short time frame now seems to be the way forward, so you all need to be prepared, especially in the PQA area. Regards UK Fire Service Resources

Fire: Recruitment Product Offer

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Good Evening I am sure many of you will either be away or soaking up the summer sun. However, I thought I better bring you this latest offer as its simply one that cannot be missed to be honest. Over the past year we have had the odd 10% discount and even the odd 25% discount off the products displayed on our recruitment products page. Here is the offer to beat them all. If you were ever interested in buying any of the products but they were just out of your price range, today is a good day. For the next 48 hours, yes just 48 hours we can give you a massive 50% off. Thats half price to many of us. All you have to do is purchase via our recruitments page linked below and claim your 50% discount simply type in the word 'THANKYOU' in the coupon code box at checkout. Please feel free to pass this on to as many people as you feel will be able to take advantage on the offer. Regards Carl UK Fire Service Resources

Fire: Fire and Rescue Guides

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Good Morning Just a quick email to let you know the company which supplies the recruitment DVDs has offered a 30% discount on all of the products on the following page. All you have to do is enter the code "MAY" into the coupon box at checkout and you will receive nearly a third off the price. One drawback is that the offer is only valid for the next 48 hours. To take advantage and see the products available, please see the following page Regards UK Fire Service Resources

Fire: Recruitment Update April 2009

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Good Afternoon Hope you are all enjoying the weekend sun, as firefighters battle the increasing amount of grass fires that this time of year brings. However, lets see if we can ensure in some way that you can be doing the same sometime in the future. I am afraid there is no big news on the recruitment front with just one addition to our recruitment page. Devon and Somerset are recruiting and initial filtering will be via the application form. Can we take this opportunity to ask if you can help us in any future recruitment campaigns. Whilst every effort is made to ensure we hear about them first, sometimes they do get missed, and we do not wish you to miss out on the opportunity. All we ask is that you email us or contact us is some way so we can post the information up. The recruitment guides have also changed slightly in that the interview secrets documents which was available as a separate disc is now included on both the Recruitment Guide and of course the Interview...

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Fire: (no subject)

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Good Afternoon


Not much is happening in the world of fire service recruitment at the moment but of course the new financial year starts next month so brigades may have a training budget and begin a campaign. As always it’s better to be prepared for them.

With this in mind, we thought we would tell you of some news in respect of the recruitment products we sell via the site.


First of all. The course which you can attend have just been accredited with the Open College Network which means those who attend the course get 2 credits towards NVQ's.


Secondly we would also like to offer a “credit crunch” discount of 10% to anyone who receives this email and purchases any of the products from our page. To take advantage, simply use the word “CARL” as the voucher code to get your 10% discount. The offer will only last until the end of the month.


In addition to the above, those of you...

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Fire: Recruitment Update

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Happy New Year to All


Recruitment has been very slow so far this year. However, this may be the calm before the storm so please ensure that you are all well prepared when the time comes, don’t leave it until the last minute. Many potentially good firefighters lost out in the latter part of last year by either not expecting brigades to recruit or just not being prepared.


We have now updated the recruitment page which unfortunately only shows 1 brigade as we know of, opening up a recruitment campaign in the coming month.


We have also added a new page with PQA workbooks on, which we feel may benefit many of you that struggle with this area.


As always we have a great selection of DVDs which will help in all areas of the recruitment process and are extremely popular. The feedback we have received from both the above products has been...

Continues,

Fire: Merry Christmas

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Well it’s Christmas Day and all the team here at UK Fire Service Resources want to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year for 2009.

We would like to thank each and every one of you for making the site and the forum such a great community and thank all those who contribute financially each year, without you the site would not survive.

So from all of us here at UK Fire Service Resources

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Regards Carl and the Team

Fire: Fire Safety Advice

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Good Morning

With the onset of the cold weather, in fact you may wake up knee deep in snow, we thought it only right to highlight some of the increased dangers that can present themselves during this time.

Heaters and electric blankets are likely to be used a lot more and with heavy snow fall across the UK, there is always a danger of power cuts which results in candles being used quite a bit.

Whilst we understand these items will be used, we just wanted to remind you all that our fire safety pages do offer advice and guidance on using the above and help is available wherever to enable you to use them all safely.

Remember the Fire Service Offers all households a free Home Fire Risk Assessment. Further details can be gained from the site.

Keep safe.
UK Fire Service Resources

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