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Police: Open email to Nick Herbert: 03/07/12

Written by RSS Poster The Police Debating Directive

I note you have still not replied to my previous emails, but please thank Mr Cudmore for his courtesy.

Unfortunately, it seems, you have busied yourself with television appearances; spinning frantically as the penny drops in the media, that police numbers are dropping substantially.

I say unfortunately because you appear to be pursuing a somewhat bizarre view that all is rosy in the garden. I don't know where you got those tinted spectacles but clearly you should have gone to Specsavers.

Now, you may notice a 'tone' to this email and you may not like it, but this is just the verbal escalation scale.

You have failed to listen, so many times now, that you must be made to face the truth and; it often is my job to tell people things that they do not want to hear.

In short, I would like a word with you.

As ever, I am acutely aware of your temper and your requests that tweeting police officers be silenced but, try to remain calm, rational and listen; genuinely listen.

Firstly, let's talk about drops in numbers and no,...

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Police: The Question of Nepotism:

Written by RSS Poster The Police Debating Directive
I've had my eyes opened repeatedly over recent weeks, not least of all to exactly how much information is available, openly, on the Internet. It's vast.

You can't beat a little conversation though, especially when people, who truly know what they are talking about, say things like "basically the whole thing is corrupt, pass Chief Inspector and it's definitely who you know and, what you are willing to do for them".

I particularly enjoyed being told "if you aren't prepared to network, even when you aren't comfortable with it, you just can't get on, that's just how it works and it's sad".

I enjoyed this for two reasons. Firstly it confirms to a large degree what I've long suspected and secondly that I've been right for some time; that the problems in the police lie in the 'networks' at the top. By design.

Even 'by design' I say with a sense of irony, Safer by Design is one of the key 'products' of ACPO Crime Prevention Initiatives Ltd.

The networks potentially explain a lot about the silence from ACPO and ties in with comments made...

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Police: First Reply from Office of Nick Herbert

Written by RSS Poster The Police Debating Directive
Dear Mr Patrick

Thank you for your e-mail to Nick Herbert MP. As this concerns his Ministerial responsibilities I have forwarded it to the Home Office who will reply to you in due course.

Yours sincerely


Parliamentary Researcher to The Rt Hon Nick Herbert MP
MP for Arundel & South Downs
& Minister of State for Policing and Criminal Justice
House of Commons

Police: Open Email to Nick Herbert 28th June 2012

Written by RSS Poster The Police Debating Directive

I note that, as yet, I have had no reply to my email dated the 21st of June 2012. This is quite regrettable.

I am also informed by supportive members of the public that, in your own constituency, a disabled group is still waiting for a response after their third letter. They advised me not to hold my breath but; I live in infinite hope.

In that line of thought, I hope that there is not some pattern of behaviour in this; that would be disappointing.

Had this been a MOPC mystery shop, of a Safer Neighbourhood Team, this would have resulted in a contact failure report.

Perhaps there is a communications issue which any SNT would be happy to help you with. Public confidence and satisfaction is of course central in both our lines of public duty.

My original questions still stand, however I am compelled to turn to other, no less serious matters.

This is me, speaking to you as a normal bloke, openly, frankly.

Your deeply cynical attack on police officers at the Home Affairs Select Committee was a very poor show. Deeply...

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Police: Open Email to Tom Winsor

Written by RSS Poster The Police Debating Directive

You may be startled by this but, on behalf of the police, I would like very much to welcome you into your new position.

I know it is yet to be finally ratified but, I am sure you are ready (as we are) to get started.

As well as welcome you, I would like to talk to you about the #AntiWinsorNetwork. To make clear some points; before they are lost in the muddied waters.

I have thus far left the word 'dreaded' out, as the hash tag is little more than an established communication channel; allowing a group of people, both police and public, to speak to each other in the hundreds.

Think of it as little more than a press of the conference call button.

That really is all it is used for; rather than some weapon of 'disgraceful' vilification; as some would have us believe.

The name itself, as far as we are concerned, refers to the 'nickname' of the report 'Winsor 2', rather than yourself, as a person, directly.

That report generates many real concerns in officers and, as a result, you have become the physical embodiment of that concern.


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Police: The Freedom of Expression

Written by RSS Poster The Police Debating Directive
The Human Rights Act is often shown much disdain, because of how it is interpreted.

At one stage or another most people have had a good moan about it; but then, we often forget, it is that very act the enshrines our right to do just that:

"Article 10, Freedom of Expression of the Human Rights Act 1998, which is a qualified right, states everyone has the right of freedom of expression. This right shall include freedom to hold opinions and to receive and impart information and ideas without interference by public authority and regardless of frontiers. This guarantees the right to pass information to other people and to receive information that other people want to give to you. It also guarantees the right to hold and express opinions and ideas."

You want to speak, you speak. You want to tweet, you tweet. You want to share, you share and you cannot be interfered with.

Is that a right you want rid of?

Think carefully because; it might seem nice while it is someone else who doesn't have it...but if you find yourself silenced?

The new...

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Police: The Rules of Engagement

Written by RSS Poster The Police Debating Directive
There is one simple rule, above all others that I have been taught; not only as a police officer but long before too.

That rule is:

Never run to a fight.

Before you fight, you have to make sure that you must fight, that there is no other way and; make sure that you see where the danger lies. Up until now I have been strolling; taking in what's happening. Looking to see where the danger lies.

Now, I've reached that moment, where I know I must fight; my heart is pounding even at the thought. This will be the most dangerous fight I have ever taken on.

I do know, that I don't stand alone. I also know that if ever there was a right reason to fight, this is it.

The police is a service for the public and now, through cause of selfishness, agenda and greed it stands on the brink of destruction. The service, a service for all of us, will be politicised, privatised and perverted. This is being done with malice aforethought.

There is just no way that I can dress it up.

I have an overview of what the reasons for this are, I have more than enough...

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Police: Open Letter to Nick Herbert MP

Written by RSS Poster The Police Debating Directive

I am sure that you are incredibly busy, with the events on Police and Crime Commissioners, such as this week's at the Policy Exchange.

I am sure you are also 'up to your neck' in your preparations, for your appearance at the Home Affairs Select Committee next Tuesday (the 26th of June 2012); where you will be the first witness.

As many others do, I await with interest to hear the details of the selection process and, your own rationale, for the preferred appointment of locomotive expert, Mr Tom Winsor, as the head of Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Constabulary.

I wish you the very best of luck, in coming across well.

In the meantime, I do have questions, relevant to the steps being taken to privatise policing; I believe you now prefer to call this 'partnering'. I cannot blame you for attempting to avoid the perceived, negative image of the former, in favour of the more media friendly latter.

I would very much appreciate it if you, as the Minister for Crime and Justice, could take the time to reply.

As this is an open letter;...

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Police: The Slip of the Mask

Written by RSS Poster The Police Debating Directive
Yesterday an event as held in central London, in a plush venue where even the seats had charging sockets; at least that is, according to one attendee.

It is not in the least unusual for events to take place; nor for speakers to include ministers, corporations or think-tankers. Neither is it unusual for media representatives to attend such well endowed venues.

What was unusual, was that the event was a first real outing for Police and Crime Commissioners; the trumpeted saviours of accountability in policing.

The particularly unusual thing was the fact that the truth began to out, and due to Social Media; it began to out in real time.

The establishment of 'PCCs' is now law, so can only be stopped by an Act of Parliament and, previously, Chief Officers at their recent annual conference were quoted as saying "it was time to SUMO". To borrow from my other blog; this did not mean wrestle with the issue but, rather:
Shut Up, Move On.

As a Police Officer I can say, without fear of a peer correcting me, that if I walked away from something or...

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Police: The Blue Collar Blog

Written by RSS Poster The Police Debating Directive
This is a self parody of sorts. If you are easily offended do not read this.

You have been warned...

When I left school, at 17, with only GCSEs (because I was bored and frankly more interested in money and minky at weekends): I went to work in a factory.

Thorntons to be precise.

I was first a fudgepacker then a toffeesmasher before being elevated to the dizzying heights of boxcrusher.

This means I was 'blue collar'; with a penchant for strawberry creams.

I once gave a girl called Sarah a lift and fingered her, right in the Fiesta; for which she gave a fake stone island jumper.

I wore it to watch my mates play football for the town team while drinking warm lager straight from the can; bought with my hard earned chocolate pennies. I shouted rude words at the other team and visually impaired ref.

This means I was blue collar.

I once got in a nose to nose with a total arsehole because he tried to crush me with a forklift as a birthday 'joke'.

Later he bought me a 12p cup of subsidised tea and sulkily apologised. He's still an arsehole.

That means...

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