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Police: Guidance or Rules. Is there a difference?


In all the years I have been involved with Police Dogs, the one thing we tried our best to adhere to was the Home Office manual on the training and care of Police Dogs.

This manual of guidance was the bible. Over many years it was amended and modified and known under different names but the fact that it set out its parameters never changed.

Anyone who disregarded the rules deserved to be dealt with appropriately, be it in training, deployment or on matters of care and welfare.

More importantly, if you were not very good as a handler, or lacked the ability to train your dog(s) this could be evidenced and you could face the appropriate, ultimately removal from the world of working a Police Dog.

It appears that in some areas the ‘guidance’ now offered by the current document, despite being a Nationally accredited and accepted document, holds no sway with some members of the management in the CTCC and some parts of it can be disregarded. The inconvenient parts that is.

On the scales of the bigger picture, the one side of following...

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Police: We need a bigger car.


Whilst these two are having a friendly chat, Can you imagine giving the guy a lift home?

‘Mind your head when you get in’

Police: Night of the long knives……..


Within the CTCC, they have recently undergone some ‘training’ in an effort to enlighten them and bring them up to date with the currently political correct hot subjects that appear to be put in place as some form of arse covering excercise. One of these diversity type issues included innappropriate language in the workplace, known locally round our way as swearing. I have some of my own views on this but have included some advice and some alternatives that could well be deemed to be appropriate.

Having a very mix of strategic geographical areas to cover with the CTCC (City, Town & County Constabulary) the various bases have collective terms by which they ralate to each other. None of the comments are intended to be offensive or offer personal insult but are the friendly banter that has been taken and given as a small offer of humour to offset the darker things that exist. Not only is it now forbidden to engage in these so called inappropriate greetings or friendly banter but also a professional attitude at all times is the...

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Police: Roof needed urgently.


I think I have found out why the jockeys at the Stableshire

Constabulary need a roof over their training and exercise area.

If the resultant roof prevents this type of incident it is well worth it.

Dread to think of the payout for injury on duty.

Well Sir, it was like this………..

Refer to PNB entry.

Police: Friends in high places.


After years of continually being told that the Police have no money, every district or department budget just has to be cut, officers being given notices to leave, no replacements or recruitment and the inevitable purse strings seen to be drawn ever tighter and tighter, it is a small wonder that there are so many occasions when money (investment) appears to be no object to the chosen problem in some areas.

The choice of what cars the senior leadership should be allowed to drive around in,  the time and money spent on moving units, accommodating squads together, shared resources to make things more efficient for the leadership ideology yet more inconvenient and difficult for those who follow the latest line in decision-making from the upper ranks of the policy makers.

Everything has to be justified to fit in with the really big money-saving plan. The fiscal targets replacing other targets in an effort to reassure the public that the Police are doing their bit to save money, reduce resources, give better measurable value at the same time as doing...

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Police: The Dog Handler


The Dog Handler.

A fable for a long and cold night…………or perhaps not.

Every shift a dog handler arrives for work.

The dog handler arrives early and begins work immediately. After booking on with comms by either phone or radio, or both, or even by the new and radical computerised booking on and off system that is not simple to use, if there is a computer available, he (for the purposes he is a he) gets his van and goes out onto the streets to offer his own form of specialist support to district response teams. When he gets some spare time he also trains his dog and directs his patrol time towards local crime target areas and current crime trends he finds out from the district response briefings which he attends regularly.

The dog handler works well and supplies a good level of support. He is really happy at work. They have a good relationship this dog handler and his district response colleagues.

He reports to his sergeant, who monitors his work and ensures that he trains his dog to a high standard. The dog handler is trusted to work without...

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Police: For better or for worse.


Life within the CTCC seems to get only more confusing for those who operate on the specialist support department. The marriage between the officer and his or her chosen specialism has truly become for better or for worse.

Dog handlers are constantly told that they are Police officers first and foremost and the chosen specialist support skills appear to take a back seat to other ongoing and more deserving cases the leadership team dream up. I’m not quite sure what the dogs think about that one. Whereas we all normally earned our chosen role after many years of applications and proving our worth, many years of gaining experience and credibility of our chosen area of expertise, this appears to hold for squat as we are given designated taskings and not trusted to be able to sort out what we need to do. The endless round of meetings, the off-load delegation, the corporate jargon all a smoke screen that cloaks the decision makers under misplaced responsibility. After all, they have some really difficult decisions to make. As if the every day...

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Police: Invisible resources.


There seems to be some confusion in some areas of the SLT of specialist support services at CTCC about those who  go out onto the streets with their canine friends. There will always be an exeption somewhere but, by and large, they want to be out on the streets supporting  colleagues on the groups/response on District using their specialist skills helping them catch the bad guys, finding offenders or lost people, finding property, a bit of public order, football related violence, preventing & detecting crime, operating within other specialism of drugs, explosive and firearms support as well as probably the next most important thing.

Just turning up to back up and awaiting for a thumbs up that everything and everyone is alright. The close proximity of the 4 legged confidence booster. Sorted. This does not get counted or measured but it still matters.

This confusion is not in the minds of the officers on the frontline, 24/7, or the dog handlers but in those who seem to want to change things and make them appear to be better.

Better for who exactly...

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Another 90 minutes
The management make the rules and answer to……………..?
The management are always right…………yet again….
The Management are always right…………..again……..
One day when I came into work…….

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